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Palace says process of ending VFA has started

THE Palace has said that the process of abolishing the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) between the Philippines and the United States of America has begun, this after President Rodrigo R. Duterte called on the US to address a senate ally’s cancelled visa.

Visa, Mastercard draw FTC inquiry over debit card transactions

VISA INC. and Mastercard Inc. are once again in the crosshairs of US antitrust regulators over policies that can prohibit merchants from routing card transactions over alternative debit networks.

Filipinos starting to go cashless — Visa

IN A COUNTRY where cash still remains king, majority of Filipinos are starting to embrace cashless payments, Visa, Inc. said in a report.

Visa critical of India’s plan to ax debit transaction fees

MUMBAI — Global card payments group Visa is critical of the Indian government’s decision to boost adoption of electronic payments by requiring banks and card payment networks to offer no-fee debit card transactions, a senior Visa executive said.

PHL workers removed from US visa eligibility

MALACAÑANG ON Tuesday said it is open to appealing the US government’s imposing a one-year ban on hiring workers from the Philippines.

Taiwan government seeks visa-free privilege for citizens visiting the Philippines

The Taiwanese government is requesting the Philippines to grant Taiwanese tourists visa-free privilege. Alfred Y.H. Yang, director for the Economic Division of the Taipei Economic...

Japan relaxes visa requirements for Filipinos traveling to Japan

Japan has relaxed the visa requirements of Filipinos traveling to Japan in an effort to boost repeat visitors in the country, the Embassy of...

Visa survey finds most Filipinos confident of going cashless

Majority of Filipinos are now eager to pay electronically, Visa, Inc. said in a report as it flagged concerns on connectivity and infrastructure. In a...

Visa says over 5 million payments affected by June outage

London, United Kingdom -- Payment systems giant Visa said Tuesday that a massive technical glitch earlier this month had affected 5.2 million card transactions,...

Visa sees growth in electronic payments

VISA, INC. sees growth in the adoption of electronic payments in the Philippines, although infrastructure and access continue to be challenges.

Australian nun asks DoJ to reverse visa cancellation, deportation order

Text and photo by Dane Angelo Enerio Australian missionary Patricia Fox on Friday petitioned the Department of Justice (DoJ) to reverse a government directive dated...

Immigration forfeits missionary visa of Australian nun

The Bureau of Immigration (BI) have "forfeited the missionary visa of Australian missionary Patricia Fox and have ordered her to leave the country," according...

The benefits of a cashless world

Money as a concept is almost as old as human civilization. Out of all the items commonly found in any individual’s pocket, cash is...