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Ely Buendia’s focus on vinyl

FORMER Eraserheads front man, Eleandre “Ely” Buendia, has formally launched his two-year-old independent music label Offshore Music — which focuses on creating vinyl albums — in a bid to give “artists who deserve to be heard that chance,” said Mr. Buendia.

70 years since 1st LP released, vinyl enjoys revival

LONDON — In the basement of the British Library, curator Andy Linehan inspects the latest addition to a massive archive of wax cylinders, cassettes, LPs and CDs — a vinyl record that made musical history.

Where machines get a make-over

After-Market WRAPPING a car, whether with special vinyl stickers or spray-on vinyl, is the best way to transform its looks, according to Foilacar Industries, which...

Vinyl: When Rock and Roll ruled the world

The Binge Jessica Zafra FOR MANY YEARS, rock was the dominant musical genre. We worshipped at the altar of Elvis, The Beatles, Bowie, Kurt Cobain. We...