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Thailand OKs bill seeking to tax foreign internet companies

BANGKOK — Thailand on Tuesday approved a draft bill requiring foreign digital service providers to pay a value-added tax (VAT), becoming the latest country in Southeast Asia to seek to boost tax revenues from international tech companies.

Netflix signs deal for Thai cave rescue miniseries

BANGKOK — Netflix, Inc. is teaming up with the company behind the hit movie Crazy Rich Asians to produce a miniseries about the perilous rescue of 12 young soccer players and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

How richest family in Thailand got richer by helping China

CHIA EK CHOR fled his typhoon-ravaged village in southern China and started a new life in Thailand selling vegetable seeds with his brother in 1921. Almost a century later, with the largest family fortune in the country, his descendants are becoming Chinese President Xi Jinping’s key economic allies.

Beyond Bangkok: Thailand promoting secondary cities

THE Tourism Authority of Thailand is expecting that more visitors from the Philippines will be visiting the Land of Smiles in 2019 after a good showing in 2018, with an executive from the tourism authority said that they will be promoting secondary cities this year in order for tourists to discover more of Thailand.

Thailand appeals WTO ruling over cigarette imports

THE World Trade Organization (WTO) said on Friday Thailand is appealing the decision by a dispute panel that determined the country failed to comply with the WTO ruling against its regulations on cigarette imports.

When the spice is right

CUISINE and culture in many nations can be classified into several levels. As high culture and haute cuisine go hand-in-hand, so do home-cooking and pop culture. A restaurant called Siam Sukh Jai Thai Home Cooking in S Maison claims that they can serve Thai cuisine as it is found on the streets and homes of Bangkok.

Interest rate hikes in store for Thailand, Indonesia

THE OUTLOOK for interest rates in Southeast Asia’s two biggest economies is upward even after mixed inflation data on Monday.

British caver considering legal action after Elon Musk ‘pedo’ tweet

Bangkok -- A British caver who helped rescue 12 boys from a Thai cave said Monday he may take legal action against Elon Musk...

Thailand cave rescue to be turned into Hollywood movie

LOS ANGELES — The mission to rescue 12 boys and their soccer coach from a Thai cave is to get the Hollywood treatment in a movie announced by faith-based production house Pure Flix.

Final Fruit-ier: Thailand sends smelly durian into space

Bangkok, Thailand -- It's one small step for Thailand, one giant leap for Southeast Asia's smelliest fruit. Thailand plans to shoot durian into orbit to...

Manila Water completes acquisition of stake in Thai water firm

Manila Water Co., Inc. has closed the acquisition of a significant stake in a publicly listed company in Thailand, adding the earnings contribution of...

Singapore, Thailand weigh alliance in national digital payment systems

SINGAPORE and Thailand are in discussions about connecting their national digital payment systems to forge an unprecedented regional alliance, as officials step up efforts...

Benjarong: New location, new dishes, for an old favorite

DUSIT THANI MANILA’s popular Thai restaurant, Benjarong, is poised to open at its new location at the ground floor of the Makati Hotel and...

This restaurant is taking insects to the next level

THAILAND’S long been known for its street carts of deep-fried, heavily salted insects, often surrounded by tourists keen to crunch on a grasshopper for...

Fugitive Thai ex-PM Yingluck in Dubai, aiming for UK — junta

BANGKOK -- Fugitive former Thai Premier Yingluck Shinawatra fled to Dubai and may try to seek asylum in the UK, a junta source told...

Thai ‘Sin City’ finds abstaining from sex hard

PATTAYA, THAILAND — In a daring nautical themed outfit, sex worker May confidently predicts the survival of Thai sleaze town Pattaya despite a junta...

Thai ‘Sin City’ finds abstaining from sex hard

PATTAYA, THAILAND -- In a daring nautical themed outfit, sex worker May confidently predicts the survival of Thai sleaze town Pattaya despite a junta...

Whales in the wild: rare gem amid Thailand mass tourism

GULF OF THAILAND — Piercing the water’s surface with its almond-shaped mouth, a giant Bryde’s whale opens wide for one, two, three seconds, gulping...

Thailand mulls location-tracking tourist SIM cards

BANGKOK — Thailand could issue all foreign tourists with location-tracking SIM cards under plans announced Tuesday by the telecoms regulator, which has denied the...

Thai e-retailer iTrueMart spending $150 million on Southeast Asia plans

THAI online retailer iTrueMart says the Philippnes is only the first stop on the company’s $150-million expansion plan, which will cover much of Southeast...