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A love letter to mothers

Hi, Bye Mama presents an intriguing concept from the get-go: what if your dead wife returns after five years but you’re already married to someone else? That was how the Netflix series was marketed in its early days before it aired in March, but as a person who bawled through all 16 episodes, the show is much more a love letter to parents (mostly mothers) than a love story.

The Last Dance: Of legends and reprieve

ONE of the best dynasties in National Basketball Association history, the Michael Jordan-led 1990s Chicago Bulls completed their impressive run by winning their sixth title in eight years in 1998.

How amateur online sleuths found a killer. Or did they inspire...

CATS ARE the de facto mascots of the internet as cat photos and videos are some of the most consumed content on the internet: the BBC noted in 2015 that there were 2 million cat videos on YouTube. People take their cats seriously — sometimes too seriously — so much so that a hunt for an online cat killer turned into an international manhunt across Canada and Europe.

Bullet in the head

BACK in the mid-1990s I found myself hooked on a particularly intense habit: Johnnie To movies. I’d seen A Hero Never Dies and The Barefoot Kid (his one period martial-arts film) and had been digging through various DVDs ever since, hoping to find more.

Cherchez la femme

By Noel Vera Television Review Finale of Twin Peaks: The Return (Warning: plot outline and narrative twists discussed in close detail) IN THE FIRST PART of the finale...

Strings on me

By Noel Vera Television Review Jessica Jones Netflix MELISSA ROSENBERG’s TV adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis’ R-rated comic book Alias, featuring one Jessica Jones (Kyrsten Ritter in the series),...