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Fancy paying P150 for a bottle of tea?

BRIGHT YELLOW packaging and a stylized label mostly devoid of information is how Ante Tea sets itself apart from its competitors in the bottled tea market.

Britain’s storm in a tea cup settled: The milk goes in...

LONDON — Although many cultural debates may be brewing in Britain, it appears that one age-old bone of contention has been settled: Should milk go in a cup of tea first or last?

Fancy a cuppa?

WHAT BEGAN as the afternoon routine of a member of English nobility in the early 1800s is now a popular and healthy pastime in many parts of the world — drinking afternoon tea.

Coffee, tea, and an anniversary

DRINKING COFFEE is part of our lives — this is how Paolo del Rosario, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) vice-president for marketing and business development, put it. “You can’t live without coffee. It’s part of daily lives,” he told BusinessWorld.

Iced tea for summer

TWG TEA has come out with an iced tea collection, plus accessories and sweets to match, just in time for the heat of summer....

Enjoying tea and art

THE PENINSULA MANILA has created an immersive tea experience with The Well Appointed Life Afternoon Tea which is inspired by the rare and precious...

Dubai starting own tea brand to test consumer preferences

DUBAI IS STARTING its own tea brand, Shay Dubai, to learn what consumers prefer from the beverage. “This is not to compete with Lipton,” Ahmed...