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P1.9-B released for typhoon affected farmers, fisherfolk, and ASF-affected hog raisers

THE DEPARTMENT of Agriculture (DA) said that it has released P1.9 billion from its quick response fund (QRF) to help farmers and fisherfolk affected...

Taal alert level lowered further

STATE volcanologists lowered Taal Volcano’s alert status to level 2 on Friday, citing “diminished plume activity.”

Psychological first responders: good people doing better

THE SYNCHRONICITY of Taal’s eruption with the government’s inexplicable slashing of its disaster response budget, are dauntingly inauspicious for this Lunar New Year. After all, the Philippines ranks as the third most disaster-prone nation worldwide. Just for tropical depressions, hurricanes and storms, other countries may go through one or two super-sized typhoons a year, but we average nine, often having to extend the alphabet just to give them names. Despite some grumbling on social media that we citizens should not be doing the government’s job on our own coin, many stepped up and made up for the bureaucracy’s glaring shortcomings. There were even jokes that the Taal Volcano refugees were gaining weight at the evacuation centers from the private sector’s generosity, or maybe they were manas (bloated) from all the high-sodium instant noodles and sardines.

Danger zone

Members of the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) prepare on Tuesday 100 bouys that will be placed around Taal Lake to mark the seven-kilometer danger zone around the restive Taal Volcano.

BIR suspends tax deadline in Batangas due to Taal eruption

THE Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has suspended the deadlines of filing and payment of tax returns in Batangas to provide relief to the residents affected by the eruption of Taal Volcano, until the situation returns to normal.

Government getting ready to resettle Taal volcano-affected families

THE Philippine government said it is working to resettle any affected families in case of an explosive eruption of the Taal volcano.

Taal refugees still need help says foundation

A NON-PROFIT organization Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation (PDRF) is calling on its member companies and other private sector entities to continue contributing aid to areas affected by the Taal volcano eruption, especially as help is not currently distributed evenly to all evacuation centers.

Large-scale Taal Volcano eruption not ruled out

STATE seismologists on Thursday said a large-scale eruption of Taal Volcano could not be ruled out as magma continues to build up below the volcano.

Experts need more trending data on Taal Volcano eruptions

STATE seismologists need more trending data before lowering the alert level for Taal Volcano, despite a seeming decrease in volcanic activity.

Taal remains swollen and may erupt again — Phivolcs

TAAL Volcano remained swollen with gas and magma, a sign that it could erupt again, state seismologists said on Tuesday.

Taal explosive eruption possible as gas builds up

THE NATION’S top seismologist on Monday warned of a sudden explosive eruption as gas continued to build up beneath Taal Volcano, one of the world’s smallest and deadliest.

Company gives away 100,000 face masks

A MEDICAL mask maker is donating more than 100,000 face masks to areas affected by the Taal Volcano eruption, the Trade department said in a statement on Monday.

Damage from Taal hits P3 billion; fisheries most affected

DAMAGE from the eruption of Taal Volcano has reached P3 billion, with the fishery sector suffering the most devastation, the Agriculture department said on Friday.

Residents near volcano allowed to save belongings

PHILIPPINE authorities allowed residents near Taal Volcano, whose eruption since Sunday forced thousands of people to evacuate, to return home to save their livestock and belongings.

Taal explosive eruption still not ruled out

TAAL Volcano could still erupt explosively as magma rises from its bottom, even if its most recent eruptions seemed weaker, the country’s chief seismologist said on Wednesday.

Judiciary employees affected by Taal eruption get 5-day emergency leave

THE SUPREME Court has given judiciary employees directly affected by the Taal Volcano eruption five days of special emergency leave starting Jan. 13.

More cops sent to Taal as residents try to return

MORE policemen will be deployed in Batangas province to maintain order, as some residents reportedly tried to return to their houses to save their livestock amid Taal Volcano’s continued restlessness, the country’s local government chief said on Tuesday.

Lawmaker seeks probe on Taal Volcano info campaign, emergency response

A LEGISLATOR has filed a resolution seeking to conduct an investigation into the alleged “lack of dissemination of information” on the hazards of the Taal Volcano’s eruption.

Ashfall covers Metro Manila, stalls markets and travel

ASH from Taal Volcano in Batangas province covered large parts of Southern Luzon and cities near the capital on Monday, forcing financial markets to suspend trading and the Manila airport to close.

Snapshots of the impact of Taal Volcano’s eruption

Soldiers assist in the evacuation of residents in Lemery, Batangas on Jan. 13 amid the continued ashfall from Taal Volcano. Members of the Bureau of...