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A traveler’s retreat

Travel is an activity which guests at Okada Manila have in common, thus the idea of naming its spa “Retreat” since traveling is a “time to escape” and having a retreat is having “time for yourself.”

What is it like?

The week before The Retreat Spa’s official launch, members of the media were intend to take a tour and try out the spa and its services.

It is the smallest details that make a satisfying spa visit

IF MUSICIANS are judged by their albums, chefs by their tasting menus, and fashion designers by their collections, how do you evaluate a spa...

Favorite Things | A sense of calm

Wellness veteran Tanya Talreja on recharging after the holidays. INTERVIEW  NICKKY FAUSTINE P. DE GUZMAN After flirting with a career in fashion and beauty, Tanya Talreja decided...

Radiant good health

Rest and relaxation while overlooking the Pacific Ocean. INTERVIEW NICKKY FAUSTINE P. DE GUZMAN | PHOTOGRAPHY  JONATHAN BALDONADO Nestled in Balesin island in Quezon province — which is...