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Rustan’s doors reopen as safety protocols are put in place

Rustan’s department store will open its doors again on June 5 after having been shut down along with the rest of the metropolis during the strict COVID-19 quarantine which has run since mid-March. With the relaxation of the protocols, the store has been allowed to open, albeit under stringent health and safety protocols.

Roberto Coin’s pretty and ethical jewelry

THE PIECES by renowned jewelry designer Roberto Coin -- who went into design after a successful stint as an entrepreneur in the hospitality industry -- are undoubtedly pretty, but are they smart, and as a bonus, even kind? That could be argued; and you’re welcome to ask some of his clients, a very long list that includes Oprah, Hillary Clinton, and Michelle Obama.

Images of faith

FOR Catholics, religious images are representations of faith. The religious and devotees of patrons wipe cloth on images with the belief that this brings physical healing. In some communities, a statue of the Blessed Virgin is transferred from one house to another after a week. Miracles have purportedly been witnessed in the presence of holy images.

Like grandfather, like granddaughter

KNOWN FOR his modernist geometric abstracts, National Artist for Visual Arts Arturo R. Luz’s works commands millions of pesos in auctions, but now that he has put his life as an artist behind him — in the words of his granddaughter — people can find limited edition prints of his work on sale and on serving trays and boxes until May in two Rustan’s locations — Shangri-La in Mandaluyong and in the department store branch in Makati.

Power dressing

THE EPISTOLARY novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, published in the 18th century, bore this warning from one of its main characters, the Marquise de Merteuil: “Older ladies must never be crossed: in their hands lie the reputations of the young ones.” In context, the Marquise was in the middle of plotting the downfall of a younger, naive rival.

Tadashi Shoji: Making all women beautiful

I’D LIKE you to imagine what it’s like to be Octavia Spencer — or any other woman who has had to go against the flow, for that matter. Ms. Spencer was born in 1972, with the backdrop of the South’s racial attitudes. Her mother worked as a maid in the American South. Her father died when she was 13, and she graduated from university with a degree in English — despite being dyslexic. She would spend the next years of her life climbing her way up Hollywood’s ladder. And in 2012, when she swept the awards season of 2012 for her work in The Help, designers refused to dress her for her big nights. “I’m just a short, chubby girl,” she was quoted as saying in Elle magazine.

Empowering the women of an ancient kingdom

THE ANCIENT culture of Morocco has flourished for centuries. With this huge cultural weight, tradition is expected to be upheld, despite the pressures of a postmodern world. A designer from Morocco showed her collection in Rustan’s Manila last week, reconciling Old World tradition with modern fashion flair, and a nod towards the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Discovering the treasures of Morocco

A KAFTAN to add color to your wardrobe; a copy of your best friend’s name written out in Arabic calligraphy; ingredients such as cinnamon powder, figs, and couscous for adventurous meal preparations; and a collection of multicolored plates for use as decorations for the living room wall — for an entire month, taking home or sharing a piece of the Kingdom of the West requires no air fare.

SSI marks 30th anniversary with promos and an app

WITHOUT Stores Specialists Group (SSI) Inc., avid fans of luxury products would still have to fly out of the country for a taste of clothes from some of the world’s favorite brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Tod’s. This year — as the SSI group celebrates 30 years in the business with a new campaign called The Curated Life — it aims to make shopping even easier with the launch of a website and an app.

SSI earnings fall in Q1

EARNINGS of the SSI Group, Inc. fell in the first three months of the year, dragged by the weakening peso despite a single-digit growth...

SSI earnings up as it shuts stores

EARNINGS of SSI Group, Inc. rebounded last year on resilient customer demand and improved operating efficiencies even as the country’s largest specialty store retailer...

How to go on vacation like a boss, a literal boss

It doesn’t matter how high up you are on the corporate ladder: you need to take a break or risk burning out. Here, members of the C-suite share travel hacks they picked up while earning frequent flyer miles.

Longchamp opens 4th boutique in the Philippines

WE ALL know where to get a Longchamp Le Pliage: Rustan’s. The question is, when to use them, and we believe the answer is anytime:...

Luz abstracts, Perez’s churches at Rustan’s

COLLABORATIONS between a young artist and her National Artist grandfather, and paintings of churches are the highlights of an exhibit Rustan’s For the Arts...

Rustan’s ActiveWear is dedicated to followers of a healthy lifestyle

WITH THE growing shift in its customers’ mind-set to living better and healthy lives, Rustan’s has decided to dedicate an area of its flagship...

Have your cake and eat it, too

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GsLOL9ygHkY   Photography by Jonathan Baldonado assisted by Lancer Salva. Styling by Nina Diaz, Sheryl Alegre, and Paolo Lopez. Cakes by Penk Ching, 69 Kitanlad street, Quezon City, mobile:...

No longer just a man’s world

A SMILE CAN sell, and the wine scene in Manila has seen boatloads of handsome men from wineries promoting their wares. But a woman...

Pas de deux

Dance images are from Alchemy en Pointe: A Dance of the Elements, an exhibition by master photographer G-nie Arambulo first shown in Aliw Theater....

Criselda’s blooms

STAYING TRUE to her trademark elegant and timeless designs, famed fashion designer Criselda Lontok launched her 2017 Holiday Collection, titled “Life in Bloom.” Much...

John Hardy gets a new look

JOHN HARDY, a Hong Kong-based jewelry brand known for its handmade jewelry techniques and Asian designs, has unveiled its newest retail concept as it...

Window dressing

By Zsarlene B. Chua IT WAS -- at first -- a somber affair as while guests happily greeted one another, there was an undercurrent of...

Fast fashion brands jack up competition in retail sector

by Josielyn Luna-Manuel, Special Features Editor  It’s not something every fashionista keeps track of. But it nevertheless is a worldwide trend that fashion retailers keep tabs on. It’s...