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Products to try for a ‘new you’ in the New Year

I FELT IT would be a pity if I didn’t end the year with a skincare review -- and this time it’s all about Filipino skincare brands that I’ve discovered and would recommend to those who want to start their “new year, new me” regimen in a bit more than a weeks’ time.

I like these

IN the past few months, I have practically overhauled my skincare routine save for a few staples because there have been a lot of good releases this year. So unlike my other reviews that usually contain products I liked and products I don’t like, this one is focused on the new products I have incorporated in my skincare routine.

Amway’s Paris style

AMERICAN direct-selling company Amway has brought to the Philippines the second collection off of its Artistry Studio line which takes its name and design cues from Paris. It features three eyeshadow palettes, cheek and lip duos, liquid lip colors, brow shapers, and a setting spray.

Tips when wearing Pop Studio

RELEASING a makeup line or collaborating with cosmetic brands seems to be the trend among celebrities these days and pop singer Sarah Geronimo is the latest to join the roster.

Two hits, one miss (but it might work for oilier skin)

BECAUSE of the sweltering heat over the past few months, I, who typically include seven to 10 steps in my daily skincare routine, made it my mission to create a simpler routine that is lightweight, that could withstand the heat and yet give me everything my skin needs.

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