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Stream with Pride: Netflix’ suggestions for Pride Month

IN celebration of Pride Month this June, Netflix has come up with a list of movies and shows about how love and family come in all colors and stories.

adidas celebrates Pride Month

ADIDAS JOINS the celebration of Pride Month with the newest iteration of the Love Unites campaign, debuting the first week of June. The campaign marks a global call for people to come together in recognition of the movement’s advances since the NYC Stonewall Riots, and its mission towards growth and equality.

FROM THE ARCHIVES | Proud: How Tegan and Sara are changing...

By Sam L. Marcelo Associate Editor, High Life To celebrate Pride, BusinessWorld is bringing out an article first published in December 2013 about Tegan and Sara’s...

Philippines poised to lead marriage equality in Asia, HRW reports

The Philippines would lead in terms of marriage equality should it legalize same-sex marriage, New York City-based human-advocacy group Human Rights Watch said on...