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PHA ends MoA with Qatar firm

PREMIERE Horizon Alliance Corp. (PHA) is backing out of its planned partnership with a Qatar-based firm for a 250 million euro (approximately P15 billion) funding facility for several projects.

PHA eyes acquisition of tourism hospitality firms

PREMIERE Horizon Alliance Corp. (PHA) plans to acquire companies engaged in real estate and tourism hospitality in the next two years, while waiting on the development of its resort project in Palawan.

Qatar firm funds PHA for P15 billion, convertible to 60% stake

PREMIERE Horizon Alliance Corp. (PHA) said it signed a memorandum of agreement with Sama Global Investment for a 250 million-euro or P15-billion funding facility for several projects, the company told the stock exchange on Friday.

Premiere Horizon Alliance takes control of 2 mining companies

PREMIERE Horizon Alliance Corp. (PHA) is taking over two mining companies, marking its entry into limestone exploration.