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Start-ups’ kuya

AS FAR AS the internet is concerned, everyone who enters its realm is “at least 18 years old.” That includes the 13-year-old self of Iran-born Forbes under 30 lister Shahab Shabibi, back when he was lurking at 3 a.m. on Yahoo! Messenger (“My parents didn’t mind; I had high grades.”) to chat with a programmer he was building a company with.

Funny shirts, serious business

SO HOW have you been since our last interview?

Coming up roses

AT THE height of the AlDub love team phenomenon, Diane Yap and Lauren Gavino, who had been running an online flower shop for only a month then, received an order for 49 stems of red Ecuadorian roses to be delivered at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan, where some concert with ticket sales reaching P14 million would be filled with 55,000 people.

The skateboard: a vehicle for chicken

FROM MERE slacker uniform, skateboard attire has seeped into the runways of the world’s fashion capitals.

Startups’ kuya

Meet Shahab Shabibi, the 22-year-old co-founder and CEO of Machine Ventures.

The skateboard: a vehicle for chicken

Sean Bautista, a trans-disciplinary designer, conveys the skateboard culture as a vehicle to purvey chicken

Coming up roses

Diane Yap and Lauren Gavino share how Petalier started to bloom

Funny shirts, serious business

Meet the purveyors of witty shirts: Ali Sangalang, Panch Alvarez, and Jim Bacarro

Favorite Things | Chef’s special

Playing favorites with the stars of Madrid Fusion Manila. INTERVIEW  POLA ESGUERRA DEL MONTE Crazy as their schedules were, four of the most sought-after chefs at this...

The little chef

Liquid nitrogen and Michelin stars. The importance of tomatoes. WORDS  POLA ESGUERRA DEL MONTE | PHOTOGRAPHY  CHRIS GALLEGOS Once upon a time, there lived The Little Chef,...

The road less taken

“We’ll be bold enough to say that we had a lot to do with popularizing outdoor sports in the Philippines. We promoted the category,...

Between working and working out

“I have heard all the excuses in the world. ... I bring Gold’s Gym to them. How else can the enrolled members not work...

Newfound energy

“The thing about life is you get filled up and when you don’t have any space, nothing new can happen. So when you give...

Favorite Things | Dancing Queen

A girl who dreamed of working in a bank and ended up becoming Miss Universe.