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Personal SM shoppers and more on MyKuya

ON-DEMAND service app MyKuya announces that its users can now use the app to shop in SM Supermalls as quarantine measures “inspired [the company] to continue expanding its horizons for the comfort of the Filipino people,” a statement read.

Here are the top food items Filipinos ask for on MyKuya

According to the MyKuya’s most recent findings, what users ask for most during the quarantine is, unsurprisingly: Food. Here’s how that breaks down:

MyKuya connects 1,000 jobseekers in online job fair, targets 15,000 more

Over the month of March, MyKuya has created job opportunities for nearly 10,000 people. Their recent job fair alone saw about 1,000 jobseekers on the platform in under 45 minutes.

On-demand services platform MyKuya looking for enterprise partners

After seeing a 300% spike in requests for their on-demand services, MyKuya is looking to partner with businesses struggling during the lockdown to help meet demand, as well as improving their partners’ cashflow, create jobs, and help their communities.

Startups’ kuya

Meet Shahab Shabibi, the 22-year-old co-founder and CEO of Machine Ventures.

Mobile app that connects on-demand workers targets to create one million...

A NEW mobile application has been launched with the aim of creating a million job opportunities by 2022.