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New cultured milk product launched

JAPANESE beverage company Asahi Beverages has launched its entrant to the cultured milk segment — Goodday — promising “improved intestinal health and natural resistance,” according to a company statement.

Crackers and milk: New products aim to fill market needs

FOOD companies are always looking for ways to fill the needs of their customers, looking for new niches that they can satisfy. One company decided to tackle a perceived need for a healthy cracker for mindful snacking, while a milk giant now offers an “organic” product for parents looking for healthier options.

PCC, DepEd team up for nationwide school-based milk feeding program

A NATIONWIDE school-based milk feeding program is set to be implemented in accordance to the law that institutionalized a national feeding program for undernourished...

Not enough dairy animals to reach milk self sufficiency

DESPITE the reported increase in the number of dairy animals, this is not enough to reach the desired local milk sufficiency level, the Commission on Audit (COA) said.

Nestlé starts delivery service for its milk, which includes recycling of...

THERE IS not question that by nurturing the planet, you nurture your kids. Nestle’s subscription service, with the help of goodfood.ph — think of it as having milkmen like the days of yore — makes it easier for parents to do the same.

Mother’s milk

Mothers participate in a breast-feeding event in Manila, one among more than 60 held around the country, on Aug. 5 in a government-backed mass...

Britain’s storm in a tea cup settled: The milk goes in...

LONDON — Although many cultural debates may be brewing in Britain, it appears that one age-old bone of contention has been settled: Should milk go in a cup of tea first or last?

Devils’ milk could fight superbugs: Australia scientists

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA — Mother’s milk from the marsupials known as Tasmanian devils could help the global fight against increasingly deadly “superbugs” which resist antibiotics,...