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WFH during quarantine: DF Art Agency’s Derek Flores

BEFORE the quarantine, Derek Flores, artist manager (he handles artists like Andres Barrioquinto, Anna Bautista, and Angelo Quintos) and managing director of DF Art Agency Inc., would meet with artists to discuss future projects and exhibits (both local and abroad), attend art related events, meet with collectors, and regularly correspond with artists, galleries, and clients. Now that he is stuck at home like most everyone else, he is dealing with an occasionally poor Wi-Fi signal and cabin fever while trying to stay in touch.

Upgrade for Spotify’s free users

LISTENING to music is a personal experience. A workout playlist, shower song on repeat, go-to track list while in transit, and a mellow playlist for relaxation in the evening are selected depending on one’s music taste.

Painting what your heart holds dear

AS PARENTS, Mario and Alma Miclat saw to it that their daughters—Maningning and Banaue—began honing their talents at a young age. Their eldest daughter, Maningning, was three years old when her mother saw her drawing of a “funny figure.”

Honing Filipino YouTube creators

NOWADAYS, anyone with a smartphone can document their activities on video and put it online. Due to regular uploads and a developing following, an emerging creator can monetize the content that was produced initially as a hobby.

A regional painter’s dreams on canvas

THE LATE Tarlac-born Perfecto Mercado painted movie billboards for a living before shifting to canvas painting in 1975.

The homecoming of the Spoliarium’s boceto

WHEN AN exquisite item has served its purpose with an owner, it a privilege of a new owner to enjoy and appreciate its beauty.

Riding through history

At 10 a.m. on a Saturday, the festive sound of drums joined in with the clatter of the approaching train at the LRT-1 Central station. Eleven teams of four members — made up of an LRT-1 driver, an LRT-1 teller, a blogger, and a reporter — hurriedly lined up at the ticketing booth to load their Beep cards, catch the next train, and explore specific cultural and historical landmarks on a list. All were determined to arrive first at the finish line — and in the process, the teams explored Manila, despite the continuous rains.

Lessons from history

ON DEC. 2, 1899, Filipino soldiers, led by the 24-year-old General Gregorio “Goyo” del Pilar, gave their lives in a battle to block Americans forces from advancing through Tirad Pass, a mountain gap in Northern Luzon’s Cordillera Mountains.

Orly launches nail care innovations

Keeping one’s nails always manicured usually comes with the worry that the nails will get brittle and yellow — and growing out one’s nails to correct these problems would usually take a few months. But developments in nail care technology now address these concerns.

Product review: Orly Breathable Treatment + Color

As a nail polish formulated as a one-step system, Orly Breathable Treatment + Color saves one the hassle of having to apply several coats of different polishes as it can be used as both base and top coat.

A quick escape in a cup

A PERFECT swirl of whipped cream, bits of chocolate chip cookies, sprinkles of tiny white chocolate kisses, topped with Graham crackers and marshmallows — savoring a cold sweet drink once in a while is a treat to oneself after a long day.

Angelina Cruz releases debut EP

HAVING ALREADY found success on Spotify, singer Angelina Cruz has released her self-titled debut album under Universal Records.

Fashion fit for fluff fuel

STRUGGLING to close an undergarment drawer stuffed full of old bras is part of the daily dress-up routine of many woman — because, really, what does one do with old bras? Now there is an answer.

Feast like a viking

RAMBLING THROUGH the lyrics of traditional drinking songs while sharing a huge plate of kräfta (crayfish) and downing a glass of beer is a unique experience to celebrate the end of the summer season (in the case of the Philippines, the dry season).

ASEAN artists come together in a 3-part show

ON AUG. 8, 1967, the founding members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) — the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand — signed a document (later known as the ASEAN Declaration) describing the region as “bound together by ties of history and culture.”

Victory for Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon

A DRAMA about the simple and settled life of an elderly couple that is altered when the old woman’s ex-husband seeks her help, Kung Paano Hinihintay ang Dapithapon (Waiting for Sunset) bagged five awards including Best Film and the NETPAC Award for full-length feature at the 14th Cinemalaya Film Festival on Sunday at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Ideas and historical possibilities according to non-historians

TO understand history and its relationship with the present, one must go beyond knowing the names, dates, places, and the chronology of events. One has to look deeper, into the forces and ideas of each period and study their consequences — intended or not.

A timely restaging of The Vagina Monologues

WITH THE many headlines about President Duterte’s inappropriate behavior and remarks about women, Senate President Sotto’s inept quip about groping women without their consent, and the many incidents of violence against women, there is a need, more than ever, for women to make themselves heard.

Discovering the treasures of Morocco

A KAFTAN to add color to your wardrobe; a copy of your best friend’s name written out in Arabic calligraphy; ingredients such as cinnamon powder, figs, and couscous for adventurous meal preparations; and a collection of multicolored plates for use as decorations for the living room wall — for an entire month, taking home or sharing a piece of the Kingdom of the West requires no air fare.

Favorite Things | For flag and country

Francis Libiran on the one accessory he always wears.

Rapper Shanti Dope celebrates a successful 1st year in music

RAPPER Shanti Dope marks his first anniversary as an artist under Universal Records with an upcoming collaboration and a concert.

Cruising around Asia

VOYAGER OF THE SEAS, the 15-deck cruise ship of Royal Caribbean International which can handle 4,269 guests, will sail to over 70 destinations around Asia until June 2019.

Solid as a Rock: Vitug explains the historic maritime ruling

ON JULY 12, 2016, a 479-page verdict stated that a tribunal of the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) ruled in favor of the Philippines in its maritime dispute with China over the West Philippine Sea. The PCA concluded that China’s claim of historic rights falling within its so-called nine-dash line had no legal basis. Two years after the victory, the Philippines has yet to completely assert its sovereignty over the territory.

Ideal Vision Center marks its 32nd year with a sale

BACK IN THE 1950s Ideal Optical started selling eyeglass frames and watches in Quiapo, Manila. And back in the day, getting a pair of glasses made was not as simple as it is today.

Family legacies

An agriculturist who never got to travel outside the country built the first Art Deco building in the country in 1936; a kapitan del barrio’s widow strategically equipped her home so she could see everyone’s movements; and a frequent traveler erected a mansion for his unmarried children and in memory of his deceased wife. The legacy of Negros Occidental’s sugar barons lives on in the stories of their homes.

Despite the advent of online retail, Filipinos still love the mall

IT IS SUNDAY. EDSA — typically heavy with 350,000 vehicles per day — finally breathes. The traffic, instead, moves indoors, where people flock inside the mall.

Loving Celine Dion even more

IT WAS a weekend morning in the late 1990s when a familiar piano introduction (in C major) blared into the room and woke this writer (who was then probably in kindergarten) from her sleep. “I know this song. I’ve heard it before,” I thought. I got up and hurried to the shelf beside the stereo system (where Dad would usually place his newly purchased CDs) and saw an album cover with a woman wearing a white shirt and denim pants, her hair in a pixie cut. The singer’s voice was captivating. From then on, I continued to listen to her songs — playing them loud and singing along as if it were a live concert.

Booming Bacolod attracts Seda to open its seventh hotel in the...

THE BOOMING Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry and tourism are keeping Bacolod a busy city. It is for this reason that Seda Capitol Central was opened in the City of Smiles this April.

No more man in a barrel

AN IVATAN-made watch for dad, a stylish bayong (market bag woven from dried leaves) for mom, wooden carabao and jeepney models for the children, a scarf printed with local flowers for the winter, and Filipino snacks for unexpected cravings — shopping for notably Filipino items is now possible just before a flight abroad.

Fancy a cuppa?

WHAT BEGAN as the afternoon routine of a member of English nobility in the early 1800s is now a popular and healthy pastime in many parts of the world — drinking afternoon tea.

Rum with a hint of sherry

DON PAPA RUM presents a baroque-inspired innovation with a limited edition flavor from four sherry blends.

Guadalupe: The Musical — Bringing hope to the world

EVENTS WHICH happened in Mexico over 400 years ago still resonate today, and these events will be told through a musical.

Butterflies in a filthy city

Air pollution is a health risk, and, naturally, urban areas are more exposed to air pollution and its attendant risks than rural areas. Air pollution does not only affect the human population, but also the quantity and quality of urban biodiversity. And this includes one of the smallest of creatures — the butterfly.

Saving the Pasig River through an arts program

A NUMBER OF arts activities are scheduled in six cities of Metro Manila until December as an initiative to raise awareness of the need to rehabilitate the Pasig River.

Sandbox now has kart racing, water obstacle course

IT WAS approaching noon when the members in a visiting media group (including this writer) each rode a fun kart around the Alviera Sandbox racing complex in Pampanga. I was worried about my short legs not reaching the gas pedal. While we waited for the go signal, the marshals released the lock on the pedals. Surprisingly, I was able to reach the pedal, move forward, drive at my own pace, and complete two rounds without a problem, despite not having a drivers license.

Himalaya Botanique introduces five flavors of herbal toothpaste

IN 1930, M. Manal travelled around the forests of Burma where he witnessed a local pacify elephants by feeding it the root of Rauwolfia serpentina, a glabrous perennial herb with medicinal values. Mr. Manal’s curiosity led him to examine the herb’s properties which, in turn, led to the founding of the Himalaya Drug Company in India. At present, the company provides herbal health care and personal products in over 90 countries.

Helping Filipina scientists

In the coastal towns of Anda and Bolinao in Pangasinan, P110 million worth of milkfish (scientific name: chanos chanos) was lost earlier this month. The fish kill was reportedly caused by dissolving oxygen levels on the water surface of the fish ponds in which the bangus was being raised. If more fish kills occur, this may reduce the milkfish supply in nearby provinces and in Metro Manila. What few people in the area know is that a Filipina scientist -- Dr. Charissa M. Ferrera -- and her team are currently working on research to help alleviate the problem.

The art of plating a dish and taking its picture

A CREATIVELY plated dish, like a live performance, may be considered a temporal art — it is gone upon consumption. Nowadays, as live performances are documented for posterity, a dish is made permanent through photography.

Pop-up store supports sustainable living in Manila

ENVIRONMENTALLY CONCIOUS lifestyle options are now more accessible as Philippine GeoGreen, Inc. opens a new pop-up store in Makati city.

Exploring a heritage cuisine

While some people may be surprised by the wealth of rich heritage food that can be found just one hour away from Manila in the province of Cavite, it should not really come as a surprise since Cavite was part of the galleon trade where goods and spices were exchanged between Spain and China via the Philippines and Mexico.

Coffee, tea, and an anniversary

DRINKING COFFEE is part of our lives — this is how Paolo del Rosario, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (CBTL) vice-president for marketing and business development, put it. “You can’t live without coffee. It’s part of daily lives,” he told BusinessWorld.

It all started with a waste bin

ON ANY ordinary day, people from around the globe travel to Copenhagen to buy a product that is well-known for its unique stylish design...

Single-day use contacts with moisture technology launched

THIRTY PERCENT of all people in the world are myopic — nearsighted — and by 2050, it is estimated that 50%, about 5 billion...

To love it you must know it: the educational role of...

TO FALL in love with something, one must first know it. This is how historian Fr. Rene Javellana, SJ, a member of the National Museum...

A buffet of fitness

By Michelle Anne P. Soliman Fitness event FitCon MNL|5 May 18 to 20 Green Sun Hotel, Chino Roces Ave. Ext., Makati City HEALTH AND FITNESS programs, sessions on the new...