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Young author publishes a children’s book on adoption

TWENTY-ONE little girls aged four to six, dressed in lovely Sunday dresses, sat in two rows of small chairs facing the windows at the lecture room for another Saturday of reading sessions with 18-year-old Alexis Lopez at the White Cross Orphanage in San Juan city. But today was different. Aside from reading various children’s books, Ms. Lopez read her self-published children’s book to the little girls for the first time.

Vaccination: Is it safe?

In April 2016, over a million public school students in the National Capital Region (NCR), Central Luzon, and Calabarzon lined up to take part in the immunization program of the first dengue vaccine. It was recommended that the three doses of the vaccine be administered at six-month intervals. It was more than a year into the program, in November 2017, when Sanofi Pasteur issued a warning that immunized people who had not previously been infected with one of the four known varieties of dengue may experience a more severe version of the disease.

Market style dining

IN ITALY, local markets are where people prefer to go when looking for home-grown and fresh produce.

An unsatisfied customer starts his own spa

MASSAGE ENTHUSIAST Justin Xiao has tried various massage techniques during his stay in the Philippines. However, the various services left him frustrated.

Manila welcomes Aquaman cast, director

NINETEEN-year-old JC has been a DC Comics fan since grade school. On the afternoon of Dec. 11, he went with his uncle to SM Mall of Asia for the “Aquaman in Manila” fan event where the actors of the film based on the DC Comics title and the film’s director were to meet lucky fans. JC and his uncle stood at the back of the activity center, trying to get a glimpse of the stage across a sea of excited fans. JC clutched a movie poster hoping to get the actors’ autographs.

Singing along with Per Sorensen

WE WERE ON EDSA some time in the 1990s when dad played the album Fra Lippo Lippi’s The Virgin Years: Greatest Hits (1997) on the car’s stereo system, the New Wave music filling the space as we made our way home. That is how I was introduced to the unique sound of the Norwegian duo whose group name I did not know then — not until I found the old album hidden deep in a shelf in my early teens.

An abundance of seafood

SELECTING a variety of seafood dishes for a meal may be a tough decision, but a pleasant one. And over at Isla Sugbu Seafood City you can choose, cook, and eat; but unlike a regular dampa restaurant, it offers a fourth step — repeat.

Tommy Hilfiger gets sporty and retro for fall 2018

TRACK SUITS, oversized jackets, and color blocked dresses are among the pieces in Tommy Hilfiger’s 2018 fall collection.

Spreading unity through music

A HARMONIOUS string instrumental of “Habanera” from George Bizet’s opera, Carmen filled the living room of the Gaston Mansion in Silay City, Negros Occidental — considered as “the seat of arts and culture in Western Visayas.”

Fitbit launches latest fitness tracker

FITBIT, Inc. has launched its latest fitness tracker Fitbit Charge 3 -- part of its advanced product line -- in the Philippines.

Masters of art the focus in Manila Hotel’s new gallery

A WORK of colorful chaos, a memento of places travelled, and beauty as seen through an evolving image of a woman’s face are just some of the artworks on view at Manila Hotel’s newly opened Art Gallery.

COD display returns to Cubao

BEFORE the popularity of LED Christmas light displays which families and friends use as a background for selfies, there was a prominent holiday attraction of moving mannequins whose indelible images were imprinted on childhood memories.

Young artists’ perspectives

THE FIGURE of a suffocated god of harvest; a self-portrait of an artist; the picture of a blindfolded man; and an upside down reflection of a woman all triumphed at the 51st Shell National Student Art Competition (NSAC).

The giving presents

SARET Organic Farmville is a social enterprise founded in 2013 that works with poor upland farmers in Bulacan. Paul Gerard Saret, son of the founder, thought that lending a hand to the farmers may have an impact not only on the business but also for the community.

Musical light tunnel signals Christmas in Pasig

IT IS the time of the year again when friends and family can take photos, go for a drive, do their holiday shopping, or go on a food trip along a rainbow-colored tunnel filled with music.

Cebu’s Rico’s Lechon opens its biggest branch in Pasig’s Tiendesitas

IT TOOK a while for a franchiser’s ambition to bring Rico’s Lechon, the popular lechon (roast pig) brand of Cebu to Manila.

Rebisco marks its 55th anniversary by going artistic with its cookie...

JUST ABOUT every Filipino is introduced to Rebisco products at a young age — from finding the snacks in their school lunch bag to receiving a can of assorted biscuits from relatives during special occasions. This year, the company marks its 55th year with the launch of special edition designer biscuit tins.

Natori brings Japonisme and seasonless appeal in new collection

BOLD AND neutral caftan dresses with embroidery that appeal to young female professionals; printed matching pajamas, and silk lingerie that may be worn for outdoor activities and events -- these are some of the statement pieces in Josie Natori’s Fall 2018 and Resort 2019 Ready-to-Wear collection.

Uniqlo launches collaboration with designer Alexander Wang

JAPANESE RETAILER Uniqlo has launched its latest collection of HEATTECH underwear, this time done in collaboration with American fashion designer Alexander Wang.

Galleria opens digital playground

A GROUP of children in school uniforms face each other as they stand on an underlit floor. Seconds later, they run and scatter — hiding under tables, climbing a rainbow tree, or attempting to camouflage themselves with the dark room’s walls. All of them find a hiding place except one child, who runs around searching for his friends.

Learning through comics

BEFORE the advent of free television for cheap entertainment, there were comic books.

Christmas lights switch on in Makati

NOW that Halloween and All Souls Day are over, it is time to turn to the upcoming festive holiday season, with Christmas tree lightings and official switching on of decorations being held all over the metropolis this week and next.

Oda Sa Wala wins big at 6th QCinema film fest

THE story of an old maid whose luck changes when she comes across a mysterious corpse at her family owned funeral parlor, Dwein Baltazar’s Oda sa Wala bagged five awards at the 6th QCinema International Film Festival awards night, held on Oct. 26 at Novotel in Araneta Center, Quezon City.

Calum Scott live in Manila

BRITISH singer Calum Scott arrived at a press conference Monday at Marco Polo Ortigas Manila unaware that his debut album Only Human, which was released in March, has turned two times platinum in the Philippines.

Album, mall shows to reignite interest in children’s games, music

IN THE days before television and video games, children played outdoors — patintero, tagu-taguan (hide and seek), and tumbang preso. Those who preferred to stay indoors, could spend time with a game of jackstones, sungka, and joining clapping games with siblings or neighbors.

Melissa to release extensive new collection in 3 batches

DIFFERENT activities require different footwear and the shoes not only have to be comfortable but stylish too. This month Melissa launched the Melissa Family collection, a wide range of shoe styles for various lifestyles -- and in this case, the shoes are not just comfortable and stylish, but sustainable, waterproof, and fragrant too.

The gift of health

HEALTHY OPTIONS has launched its annual holiday collection -- themed “A Christmas Story” -- which features five grocery packages, new personal care products, and a selection of customizable gift sets.

Next big thing on reality TV: popping pimples

IN 2014, dermatologist Sandra Lee, MD (also known as Dr. Pimple Popper) uploaded a short video on Instagram of a patient being treated for a pimple. Dr. Lee was surprised that it got over a thousand “Likes.” That was just the start. At present, Dr. Pimple Popper has 2.9 million followers on Instagram and over 4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Pie and sisterhood

“FULL OF chocolates and strawberries” is how award-winning actress Joanna Ampil described her character Jenna in the upcoming musical Waitress, as if she were a pie flavor.

Exquisite finds at Manila FAME 2018

MODES OF transportation made of bamboo; patterns representing daily life handwoven in blankets; recycled materials transformed into jewelry; and interesting pieces of furniture which serve as conversation starters are some of the products one could find among the 366 micro-, small- and medium-enterprises (MSMEs) showcased at the 68th Manila FAME fair last weekend.

The need for eternal vigilance

ACTRESS MARITONI Fernandez had just turned 30 when she went to the US, accompanying her mother who was to take tests for an illness.

Manila FAME takes new directions

THE 68th Manila FAME fair is set to showcase products by more than 360 micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), present innovations in the use of bamboo, and take on digitalization.

Working on glasses with an eye to the future

A PAIR of eyeglasses does not only need to have accurately graded lenses, it would also be nice for it to complement your personal style and face shape.

Children’s book writer fights the stigma of HIV-AIDS

ENZO, Gab, Chuchay, and Luis join a support group on social media under their online alter egos. Enzo starts a group chat and sets a date to meet with the group’s other members. At a coffee shop one day, they all get together because of something called “Pete.”

Reimagining old spaces

AN ancestral home converted into a spa, the Regina Building as a café, a fire station transformed as a gym and fitness center --...

‘Something different’ in Cinema One film fest

THE 14th run of the Cinema One Originals Festival, titled “I am Original,” will showcase nine original feature films, six international films, 12 original short films, and two restored classics.

Uniqlo Manila is biggest flagship store in SE Asia

A GUEST gets overwhelmed by the perfectly folded shirts on display. It takes five minutes to decide which to buy among the six available colors of the round neck shirt. The chosen color is tossed into a shopping bag (along with five other staple pieces in neutral colors). The possibility of sharing the same outfit with everyone else is no problem thanks to its design versatility and function.

A charity and a designer mark their milestones together

ON OCT. 27, the Grand Ballroom of the Marriot hotel will be the venue of a benefit fashion show featuring over a hundred designs with each model walking down the runway for two long minutes.

Demystifying art

Gallerist Tina Fernandez dreams of emptying her house and rotating works in her personal collection.

From Denmark to the Philippines

BORN to a poor family and struggled to find success as an actor, Hans Christian Andersen ventured into writing fairy tales early in the 1800s. As a storyteller, Andersen presented deep ideas and feelings with a style that appealed to a child’s perspective.

A model school

IT WAS A FRIDAY — the final school day of the week for students. As usual, the day began with a flag ceremony at 7:15 a.m., then regular classes proceeded as scheduled. But unlike other senior high schools, the students of the Benilde Deaf School have a Filipino sign language class at 12:45 p.m. — the second session for the week.

Healing conversations on body love

From personal issues to topics many still consider taboo -- heart to heart conversations may go beyond a circle of friends.

Spoliarium boceto goes for P73M

AFTER ALMOST 14 minutes of back-and-forth bidding, an unnamed phone bidder won ownership of Juan Luna’s boceto for the Spoliarium at a gavel price of P63 million from its starting bid at P25 million at the Important Philippine Art category of the Well-Appointed Life auction on Sept. 22 at the Peninsula Manila. This comes to a whopping P73,584,000 after taxes and the buyer’s premium.

Virtual chemistry table to provide new learning experience for science

THE MIND MUSEUM, in partnership with the country’s leading chemical supplier BASF Philippines Inc., launched the first virtual chemistry table in the Philippines.

Discovery Kids launches app in the Philippines

MOBILE SUBSCRIPTION service for kids Discovery Kids, in partnership with PLDT Inc. and Smart Communications, Inc., launched the Discovery Kids app in the Philippines.