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OFW’s photos champion migrant workers

IN NOVEMBER 1996, Georgia left her home while the children were sleeping one evening. With only P20 (about four US cents) she traveled with her husband to the airport. She was scheduled to take a flight to Singapore to become a domestic worker.

P9 million the going rate at auction for Lunas, Hidalgo

PAINTINGS by Juan Luna and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo fetched P9 million at Salcedo Auctions’ Important Philippine Art sale on March 9.

A session with the cast of Phantom (in allegro)

FROM the opposite end of the foyer, you could hear Meghan Picerno giggle as she approached our station at the foyer at the Theatre at Solaire last Tuesday afternoon for a short interview before that evening’s show. Like the rest of the cast members of The Phantom of the Opera whom we met, Ms. Picerno — who plays the lead Christine Daae — talked about the preparations they did for the show and why the musical continues to resonate with audiences 33 years since its premiere in 1986.

In the words of Lang Leav

AS AN adolescent, there is always that piece of literature that, or an author who, introduces us to a genre we grow to appreciate. Before a reader’s widened exposure to various forms of literature, we all start from somewhere. These days Lang Leav opens the door to poetry for many young people.

2 Lunas and a Hidalgo

“PHILIPPINE art history is never static. It remains in constant flux,” remarked Salcedo Auctions director Richie Lerma, speaking about the emergence of three works by classic Filipino artists.

Ballet Manila closes its 23rd season with the Beatles and Chopin

THE dancers of Ballet Manila have been training six times a week since last December for two very different kinds of shows. This is in preparation for the closing performances of its 23rd season, “Tour de Force,” which ends in March with a double-header called Deux.

Honoring those who died in the Battle of Manila

APPROACHING the close of World War II, Japanese and American armed forces clashed in the Battle of Manila which lasted throughout the month of February in 1945. By the time it was all over on March 3, the once beautiful city of Manila was battered, its buildings lay in ruins, and over 100,000 civilians lay dead.

Josh Groban: As good as the first time I heard him

I VAGUELY remember my introduction to Josh Groban — I only recall hearing a deep and operatic male voice as a seven-year-old one evening in the master’s bedroom. Out of curiosity, I approached the front of the old stereo system to see what new album was playing. The artwork on the cover was divided horizontally into 2 frames — at the top was the artist’s name in lowercase letters and below was his photo. I couldn’t imagine that a baby-faced young man would sound like that. I flipped the album to read the track list and kept track as the record played each song.

Getting to know Aguinaldo

TWENTY-ONE years after it was first perfomred, Miong, the musical based on the life of Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo, has returned to the stage as Repertory Philippines’ first production for its 82nd season.

A critical decision

PETA’s inventive musical comedy Charot! takes place on election day in May 2020 when citizens of P.I. battle traffic and bad weather to reach their voting precincts before they close. A plebiscite is being held to determine whether the nation will transition to a new charter which will establish federalism as the country’s new form of government.

National Artist for Architecture Francisco ‘Bobby’ Mañosa, 88

NATIONAL ARTIST for Architecture Francisco “Bobby” T. Mañosa, passed away due to a lingering illness at the age 88 on Feb. 20.

Remembering the Battle of Manila

FORT SANTIAGO was the “epicenter of evil” where “the Japanese used starvation as a weapon.” American mining engineer Frank Bacon recalled having only two bowel movements in 25 days; Chinese prisoner Ko King Hun dropped to 68 pounds from 118 in two months, to the point that he could wrap his thumb and index finger around his leg. People were starving in the city of Manila as World War II raged.

Epperson on images and their stories

IT WAS few minutes past 2 p.m. and the afternoon sunlight illuminated the high ceiling in the partly glass-enclosed living room. Dressed in a light blue shirt and jeans, American photographer Tom Epperson sat in front (instead of behind, as he usually does) of the camera. For someone who admits to being camera shy, he comfortably introduced himself in one take.

Ilocos Norte’s Tan-Ok festival and its stories of greatness

A LITTLE boy is eager to wear a colorful costume for the first time; a new mother who recently returned as a festival dancer, is dedicating her performance to her daughter; and last year’s best female performer from Badoc hopes to bag the same award for a second consecutive year. They have been preparing their routines, props, and costumes since November, and rehearsing along with 49 other performers for a month.

The Big Bad Wolf returns to Manila

ONCE UPON a time in Malaysia, there lived a couple named Andrew Yap and Jacqueline Ng who shared a dream of opening a book shop and starting a regular book fair. However, they had no money for advertising. So they enlisted the help of The Big Bad Wolf.

Asia’s Got Talent returns to AXN

A JAPANESE electronic music dancer, an Indonesian comb musician, and a 16-year-old contortionist from India each took their turn onstage. Their entrance and short introduction sparked curiosity, but when the music played, they all astounded the audience.

Bambanti Festival 2019:From Aliw Awards to a Guinness World Record

A SCARECROW is a human-like figure that guards crops from marauding birds, and is usually made of sticks and old clothes stuffed with straw, held up by a frame over a field -- and can be a farmer’s best friend. The province of Isabela celebrates these farmer’s helpers -- known in the province as bambanti -- with a festival every fourth week of January.

Modernizing a ’70s aesthetic

CLASSIC designs start off as the trends in their time. When revived, these may elegantly evolve and be adapted to the present aesthetic.

M. Butterfly flutters back for a nationwide tour

THEATER FANS from outside Metro Manila now have a chance to see a story of love, deception, and power as M. Butterfly is set to tour six cities this year.

A Valentine from Ogie and Mr. C

FOR SONGWRITERS, experience is an essential ingredient when composing a great love song.

Jon Santos: Politics, entertainment, and more

OFTEN newspapers and online news outlets carry the president’s careless remarks on national issues which the Palace then dismisses as a joke. Last year, impersonator and comedian Jon Santos expressed used these issues to perform political satire, and this year he’s at it again.

10 (or more) reasons to live

THE NARRATOR enters and walks to audience members around the room as she gives out strips of paper. From the aisle, she walks to the third row on the left side and hands this writer one strip of paper on which was written “5. Things with stripes” in cursive letters. “Hold on it. I’ll explain later,” she says.

It all begins with jazz

AT 2 p.m., artist Gerry Baguio sits alone in his studio surrounded by pieces of cogon paper. To kickstart his creativity, he sets his iPod on the speakers and plays the album In a Silent Way (1969) by Miles Davis. At 4 p.m., he takes a break. And at 7 p.m., he resumes working.

Pianist Raul Sunico takes on Rachmaninoff

RAUL M. SUNICO has been spending six hours a day rehearsing four piano concertos by one of his favorite composers, Sergei Rachmaninoff, the Russian pianist, conductor, and composer of the Romantic period, in preparation for a concert on Jan. 26. Mr. Sunico, together with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra (PPO), will be performing pieces by the Russian pianist at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) for the first time since 2003.

JCI names 11 TOYM 2018 honorees

THE Junior Chamber International recognized 11 honorees as The Outstanding Young Men and Women of 2018 for their efforts in service and nation-building.

Seya tackles classics with a twist and urban farming

SANDWICHED between two pet service stores along Katipunan Ave. in White Plains is a two-month-old restaurant adorned with produce — white bitter gourd, chili, tomatoes, and edible flowers — in pots of varying sizes.

When Eat Bulaga! meets Ang Probinsyano

WHEN THE hosts and one of the directors of the longest-running afternoon variety show on television, and actors from the action TV remake based on a Fernando Poe, Jr. film team up on the big screen, the audience gets a little bit of everything.

Promising horror but…

A FOOLISH decision to submit to an oppressor defeats the purpose of proving one’s worth.

Young author publishes a children’s book on adoption

TWENTY-ONE little girls aged four to six, dressed in lovely Sunday dresses, sat in two rows of small chairs facing the windows at the lecture room for another Saturday of reading sessions with 18-year-old Alexis Lopez at the White Cross Orphanage in San Juan city. But today was different. Aside from reading various children’s books, Ms. Lopez read her self-published children’s book to the little girls for the first time.

Vaccination: Is it safe?

In April 2016, over a million public school students in the National Capital Region (NCR), Central Luzon, and Calabarzon lined up to take part in the immunization program of the first dengue vaccine. It was recommended that the three doses of the vaccine be administered at six-month intervals. It was more than a year into the program, in November 2017, when Sanofi Pasteur issued a warning that immunized people who had not previously been infected with one of the four known varieties of dengue may experience a more severe version of the disease.

Market style dining

IN ITALY, local markets are where people prefer to go when looking for home-grown and fresh produce.

An unsatisfied customer starts his own spa

MASSAGE ENTHUSIAST Justin Xiao has tried various massage techniques during his stay in the Philippines. However, the various services left him frustrated.

Manila welcomes Aquaman cast, director

NINETEEN-year-old JC has been a DC Comics fan since grade school. On the afternoon of Dec. 11, he went with his uncle to SM Mall of Asia for the “Aquaman in Manila” fan event where the actors of the film based on the DC Comics title and the film’s director were to meet lucky fans. JC and his uncle stood at the back of the activity center, trying to get a glimpse of the stage across a sea of excited fans. JC clutched a movie poster hoping to get the actors’ autographs.

Singing along with Per Sorensen

WE WERE ON EDSA some time in the 1990s when dad played the album Fra Lippo Lippi’s The Virgin Years: Greatest Hits (1997) on the car’s stereo system, the New Wave music filling the space as we made our way home. That is how I was introduced to the unique sound of the Norwegian duo whose group name I did not know then — not until I found the old album hidden deep in a shelf in my early teens.

An abundance of seafood

SELECTING a variety of seafood dishes for a meal may be a tough decision, but a pleasant one. And over at Isla Sugbu Seafood City you can choose, cook, and eat; but unlike a regular dampa restaurant, it offers a fourth step — repeat.

Tommy Hilfiger gets sporty and retro for fall 2018

TRACK SUITS, oversized jackets, and color blocked dresses are among the pieces in Tommy Hilfiger’s 2018 fall collection.

Spreading unity through music

A HARMONIOUS string instrumental of “Habanera” from George Bizet’s opera, Carmen filled the living room of the Gaston Mansion in Silay City, Negros Occidental — considered as “the seat of arts and culture in Western Visayas.”

Fitbit launches latest fitness tracker

FITBIT, Inc. has launched its latest fitness tracker Fitbit Charge 3 -- part of its advanced product line -- in the Philippines.

Masters of art the focus in Manila Hotel’s new gallery

A WORK of colorful chaos, a memento of places travelled, and beauty as seen through an evolving image of a woman’s face are just some of the artworks on view at Manila Hotel’s newly opened Art Gallery.

COD display returns to Cubao

BEFORE the popularity of LED Christmas light displays which families and friends use as a background for selfies, there was a prominent holiday attraction of moving mannequins whose indelible images were imprinted on childhood memories.

Young artists’ perspectives

THE FIGURE of a suffocated god of harvest; a self-portrait of an artist; the picture of a blindfolded man; and an upside down reflection of a woman all triumphed at the 51st Shell National Student Art Competition (NSAC).

The giving presents

SARET Organic Farmville is a social enterprise founded in 2013 that works with poor upland farmers in Bulacan. Paul Gerard Saret, son of the founder, thought that lending a hand to the farmers may have an impact not only on the business but also for the community.

Musical light tunnel signals Christmas in Pasig

IT IS the time of the year again when friends and family can take photos, go for a drive, do their holiday shopping, or go on a food trip along a rainbow-colored tunnel filled with music.

Cebu’s Rico’s Lechon opens its biggest branch in Pasig’s Tiendesitas

IT TOOK a while for a franchiser’s ambition to bring Rico’s Lechon, the popular lechon (roast pig) brand of Cebu to Manila.

Rebisco marks its 55th anniversary by going artistic with its cookie...

JUST ABOUT every Filipino is introduced to Rebisco products at a young age — from finding the snacks in their school lunch bag to receiving a can of assorted biscuits from relatives during special occasions. This year, the company marks its 55th year with the launch of special edition designer biscuit tins.