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Belts! Animal prints! Metallics!

THE TRENDS seen at New York Fashion Week last week (do what BusinessWorld did and get on a livestream, stat) reflect a goody two-shoes attitude for Fall 2019, as well as an agreement with the Paris shows earlier this year.

Michael Kors wants you to feel like you met Michael Kors

MICHAEL KORS Holdings Ltd.’s turnaround plan hinges on making its customers feel like they’re being personally dressed by its namesake designer – even if...

Michael Kors launches new look store, fall collection

THE MICHAEL KORS flagship store in Makati City has gotten a face-lift which resulted in a brighter store where products are front and center. Aligning...

Kate Hudson joins Michael Kors to Watch Hunger Stop

MICHAEL KORS has announced that actress, author, entrepreneur, and humanitarian Kate Hudson is again supporting Watch Hunger Stop, the fashion brand’s annual campaign to...