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Why the 1987 Constitution has endured for 32 years without amendment

And yet another plausible, even fundamental, reason why the Philippine charter has remained unamended for 32 years lies in the nation’s tradition of judicial review, specifically the power of the judiciary, i.e. the Supreme Court, to interpret the Constitution.

Why the 1987 Constitution has endured for 32 years without amendment

INITIATIVES to change a constitution are part and parcel of being a constitutional democracy. Resisting such an initiative, provided it is supported by a rational public consensus-building process, is an integral component of constitutional democracy as well. As a constitutional democracy, the Philippines finds itself perfectly within this constitutional reform context.

Can’t leave charter change to politicians

THE 1987 CONSTITUTION is considered one of the most enduring constitutions in the world because it has stood for almost 32 years without any amendment. This is an odd quality considering that most constitutional scholars will agree that a constitution is never infallible or immortal even as they continue to debate among themselves the ideal lifespan of a nation-state’s charter.

Federalism, diversity, and national integration

By Michael Henry Ll. Yusingco WHEN Spanish explorers landed here centuries ago they had initially observed that the aboriginal people of these islands were of...