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Sandbox restages Lungs and Every Brilliant Thing

TWO Duncan MacMillan’s plays on modern love, climate change, and mental health will be restaged as The Sandbox Collective opens its 6th season with Sandbox Fest 2020.

Lungs: a relatable and powerful 90-minute play

BREATHE in. Breathe out. If you don’t, you’ll run out of stamina trying to keep up with Lungs, a rapid-fire 90-minute play about lovers M (Jake Cuenca) and W (Sab Jose) who are both striving to be conscientious members of society while figuring out their personal lives, as in, planning to conceive a child.

Early exposure to traffic pollution may affect lungs later

INFANTS exposed to higher levels of vehicular air pollution more often have problems later on in the small airways near the edges of their...

VATS now a viable option for lung surgery

BECAUSE of the high cost of some of the equipment needed, a surgical procedure touted to improve the quality of a patient’s life after...