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Chanel, Fendi host tribute to couturier Karl Lagerfeld

PARIS -- Amid colossal portraits and clean lines of black, white and red, Chanel, Fendi and a gaggle of stars paid homage to the fashion titan and Kaiser of mode Karl Lagerfeld on Thursday.

Vuitton tops off fashion season with a museum mash-up

PARIS -- Louis Vuitton brought Paris Fashion Week to a close with a novel catwalk gimmick last week, building a replica of the pipes...

Chanel to lean on brand vets following Karl Lagerfeld’s death

CHANEL confirmed last week that two longtime associates of Karl Lagerfeld -- studio chief Virginie Viard and image director Eric Pfrunder -- would remain at the helm of the luxury label following the iconic designer’s death.

Fashion’s ‘creative genius’ Karl Lagerfeld dies at 85

PARIS — Haute-couture designer Karl Lagerfeld, artistic director at Chanel and an icon of the fashion industry with his extravagant outfits and striking catwalks, has died aged 85.

Lagerfeld’s passing hands Chanel biggest test since Coco

THE PASSING of Karl Lagerfeld presents Chanel with its biggest creative challenge since the death of its iconic founder almost half a century ago.

Haute Couture Fashion Week:Gaultier goes to Japan; Lagerfeld a no show

PARIS -- French designer Jean Paul Gaultier evoked a sea journey to Japan at his latest Haute Couture fashion show last Wednesday, in a riot of colors and pleats that drew celebrities including actress Catherine Deneuve and model Irina Shayk to the front now.

Fashion’s ‘kaiser’ Karl Lagerfeld crowned king of Paris

PARIS -- They call him the “kaiser,” and Karl Lagerfeld came as close as you can come to being crowned king of Paris last...