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Tadashi Shoji: Making all women beautiful

I’D LIKE you to imagine what it’s like to be Octavia Spencer — or any other woman who has had to go against the flow, for that matter. Ms. Spencer was born in 1972, with the backdrop of the South’s racial attitudes. Her mother worked as a maid in the American South. Her father died when she was 13, and she graduated from university with a degree in English — despite being dyslexic. She would spend the next years of her life climbing her way up Hollywood’s ladder. And in 2012, when she swept the awards season of 2012 for her work in The Help, designers refused to dress her for her big nights. “I’m just a short, chubby girl,” she was quoted as saying in Elle magazine.

Bench and CCP join forces to create the terno for the...

IF THE spirit of the Filipina could be contained in one item, perhaps it’s in the terno. The popular adage goes that the Filipina spent 300 years in a convent, and 40 years in Hollywood, and it’s evident in the manner by which the terno falls on the body. The length and the sleeves suggest a certain demureness, but the flamboyant butterfly sleeves achieve a certain sense of pride and action, while the flattering, form-fitting cut and silhouette suggests a confident woman with an ability to stand tall.

Welcome to my man cave

SOMETIMES, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do: and that includes getting a drink while getting a haircut.

Up in a magic mountain, harvesting energy from the Universe

NO ONE ever said enlightenment was easy.

Sabor, por favor

WHEN WE SEEK pleasure in dining, is flavor enough to carry the whole experience, or is exploration, adventure and atmosphere vital to achieving complete sensory pleasure?

Naked and proud: food in the raw

CHRISTIAN MARK JACOBS, businessman and husband of fashion designer Francis Libiran, is showing the world something naked: food.

Getting things clean

IT’S NEVER easy to clean up a mess. It gets harder when you have to clean up a mess that happened to an extension of yourself: your own clothes.

Caring for clothes according to Rajo Laurel

DESIGNER and Electrolux UltimateCare Ambassador Rajo Laurel gave tips to BusinessWorld last week on how to care for your clothes. With the thousands of garments that have passed through his hands, he knows what he is talking about.

Urban chic

MICHAEL KORS’ latest line of bags shows three sides of the modern man: urbane sophisticate, casual cool guy, and a straight-up street-smart slicker.

Lobsters: From trash to treasure

SOMETHING big and red is coming to town in November — and it is not an early visit from St. Nick. We’re talking about Red Lobster, of course.

Tokyo Tokyo’s flagship restaurant gets a new look

JAPANESE cuisine displays wonderful restraint and subtlety, and its taste is something that the world craves. Of course, when it’s brought to other countries, in the spirit of postmodernism and multiculturalism, it’s sometimes adapted to suit the taste of the local diner: consider Philly Cheesesteak sushi. Here in the Philippines Tokyo Tokyo has infused Japanese cuisine with a festive Filipino flavor (which might explain the unlimited rice, as if you’re at a fiesta).

A true two-in-one product: soap that is good for the...

Convention, common sense, and chemistry all tell us never to use the soap we use for our bodies on our faces. With this in mind, how would you feel about a thick lather of laundry soap on your face?

Happy birds, happy life

IF IT’S really true that you become what you absorb from this world, will eating a happy bird make you happy as well?

Steely Filipino furniture

WHILE INDUSTRIA Edition Creative Director and Chief Designer Jude Tiotuico has imported furniture from around Europe, Australia, and the United States for two decades, the brand comes home to the Philippines with a collection called Editions which harnesses the power of Filipino designers.

Happy Skin collaborates with actress Kathryn Bernardo on cosmetics line

FOUR LEVELS of SM Mega Fashion Hall were brimming with fans on Aug. 18 as Happy Skin launched its new line of cosmetics in collaboration with actress Kathryn Bernardo.

Beyond its appearance in Sex and the City, this cupcake makes...

THIS WAS supposed to be a piece telling you how Magnolia Bakery is something to line up for so you can take a photo of yourself holding the same cupcake that Carrie Bradshaw bought in Sex and The City, Season 3, Episode 5 (“No Ifs, Ands, Or Butts”). The show’s lead, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, up to now an icon of feminine fashion, ate a vanilla cupcake with a pink buttercream swirl and a small sugar daisy. This was going to join all the other pieces extolling the influence of Sex and The City on pop culture, lost in the swirl of the internet.

Empowering the women of an ancient kingdom

THE ANCIENT culture of Morocco has flourished for centuries. With this huge cultural weight, tradition is expected to be upheld, despite the pressures of a postmodern world. A designer from Morocco showed her collection in Rustan’s Manila last week, reconciling Old World tradition with modern fashion flair, and a nod towards the concept of social entrepreneurship.

Tod’s fall-winter collection is inspired by its roots

THE ICONIC Italian brand Tod’s takes inspiration from its roots in Italy, particularly the rich Italian tradition of leathercraft.

Eat steak and make a difference

IF YOU are what you eat, then imagine what good it would do if you ate a meal that came with a soul and a conscience.

Fancy paying P150 for a bottle of tea?

BRIGHT YELLOW packaging and a stylized label mostly devoid of information is how Ante Tea sets itself apart from its competitors in the bottled tea market.

Criselda Lontok: Style never dies

PARDON US as we make this observation — hair, jewels, waistlines, and net worths get bigger as the number of one’s age increases if one is to judge from Criselda Lontok’s fashion show for her 35th anniversary, held on Aug. 2 at The Peninsula Manila. We’re not trying to be impertinent; we’re trying to be reverent.

ArteFino focuses on the artisanal

YOU CAN slap the “artisanal” label on anything these days, from bread to soap, no matter how it was made — but what does it really mean? Arte-Fino, a fine crafts fair to be held at Makati’s 8 Rockwell’s penthouse from Aug. 30 to Sept. 2, seeks to explore what it really means for something to be “artisanal.”

Cebu’s Rico’s Lechon makes its way to Metro Manila

WE’RE GOING to be the bearer of good news for your stomach and your soul, and bad news for your arteries and heart: Rico’s Lechon is now open in Manila.

Jewelry for millennials

IN THE hands of Manila’s mahjongeras lies the past and present of the jewelry trade. Huge stones and statement pieces sit on the hands and necks of maturing women, leaving a huge gap on the fingers of minimalist millenials.

The taste of childhood

YOUNG CHEF Miko Aspiras channeled memories of childhood playgrounds in the Philippines to create a special dessert for his presentation during Madrid Fusion Manila 2016.

Is Airbnb really disrupting the local hotel industry?

IT IS MAN’S DESTINY to move, and in between each movement, there is a need for shelter.

Spending a rainy evening talking about democracy and whisky

“YOUR CONCERN is human rights, mine is human lives,” said the President during his State of The Nation Address on Monday, despite the extrajudicial killings that have come to identify his administration. Earlier that day, former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, herself mired with the scandals of her nine-year term, took her seat as the House of Representatives’ new Speaker. Don’t these two events just make you want to take a long, hard drink of democracy?

Singapore’s Michelin starred chicken place opens in the Philippines

CHAN HONG MENG, a cook with roots in the farm, couldn’t have dreamed that his soy sauce chicken and noodle offerings would earn him fame in the culinary world. In 2016, his Liao Fan Hawker Chan stall was granted a Michelin star in Singapore’s first Michelin Guide. Now, Hawker Chan is present in the Philippines, with its first branch opening later this week in SM Mall of Asia.

The best of Philippine style

BE SURE to scrap any other plans you have made from Aug. 10 to 12 because that’s when the Maarte Fair rolls in to The Peninsula Manila.

Amazon glam for winter

ALL THIS rain is making me think about winter — winter wear that is. When else would you be able to wear your long coats and boots without attracting too much attention in the tropical heat?

Are you tough enough?

A SOLDIER has to be tough, and Swiss Military Hanowa is built to be as tough as the people who wear them.

Never mind dialysis, I need my facials

YOUR FACE is your own permanent first impression. “Best foot forward” can be so passe; we all know it’s all about putting your best face forward now.

A little bit of honesty from wines

THE SOUTHWESTERN region of France has played host to many films, from the classic Grace Kelly-starrer To Catch a Thief, to the comedy Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. But while they like to use it as a setting for movies about swindlers and con men, Thomas Dassé, Export Manager of Lionel Osmin & Cie, describes the people there as “more than honest.”

Why show art in a hotel?

AT ITS most basic, the task of a hotel is to give you a bed to stay in for a short period of time. The Conrad Manila elevates the experience of a hotel stay by displaying works by esteemed Filipino artists in its quarterly Art and Wine.

If the shoe fits

FOR A human to be in a state of nudity is to allow one’s self to be vulnerable. You are literally exposing yourself for another person, or the world, to notice your imperfections; the things you hide under layers and layers of clothing.

Sucking up soup with a straw

THREE WORDS come to mind when you’re eating xiao long bao, the Chinese steamed soup dumplings:

Couturiers reveal RTW outfits for Rustan’s pop-up concept

RUSTAN’S has always been known for bringing in top-shelf luxury goods to the country. While we all have an agreed standard on what luxury is, luxury can also be found in the clothes of local designers that try to condense in fabric all the influences that make us who we are.

The swallows of Lalique

THE MAGIC of glass is how the material combines both fantasy and reality. While it’s clarity suggests an ethereality, held in the hand, it’s remarkably clear that it is real and of this world. René Lalique, founder of crystal and glassworks Lalique, was hailed as a sculptor of light (instead of glass) for how he seemed to capture life in a way that was better than what was real, in a material that once defied logic.

NZ’s best kept secret: It’s food

AS PEOPLE who keep up with showbiz and society news know, actress Anne Curtis and businessman Erwan Heusaff had a fantastically stylish New Zealand wedding last year. At a June 13 dinner which Mr. Heusaff hosted in collaboration with Tourism New Zealand, he sounded as if he were in love with a place as well as with his wife.

Known for its rum, Tanduay releases a whisky

GET YOUR #pinoypride engines roaring, people — Tanduay Distillers Inc., overtook Bacardi as the world’s bestselling rum brand. Tanduay sold 19.5 million cases of rum last year said a story on BusinessWorld on June 14. Here’s the catch: apparently, the export segment represented less than 1% of total sales, so it can be inferred that a large chunk of those 19.5 million cases were consumed in the country. Take that, Filipino livers.

KC Concepcion, Megan Young talk of family, insecurities during sale launch

E-COMMERCE platform Shopee is holding its beauty fair until June 27. The third-party buy-and-sell platform will offer discounts on beauty products on the app until the aforementioned date.

A Filipino Company

“LUXURY” isn’t what immediately comes to mind when you say “local.” But luxury retailer Rustan’s makes the local chic with its exhibit Celebrating the Finest of the Philippines which is on view at the fifth Floor of Rustan’s Makati until June 22.

Getting the beard just right

IT IS time to bring out the razors. The urban lumberjack is packing up his bags and going back to the forest, because a more urbane male is again, on the rise. While a few years ago, men had some fun playing around with wearing flannel and sporting full bushy beards, new trends are telling men to cut a sharper image with more tailored clothing and a more groomed face.

SSI marks 30th anniversary with promos and an app

WITHOUT Stores Specialists Group (SSI) Inc., avid fans of luxury products would still have to fly out of the country for a taste of clothes from some of the world’s favorite brands, such as Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Tod’s. This year — as the SSI group celebrates 30 years in the business with a new campaign called The Curated Life — it aims to make shopping even easier with the launch of a website and an app.

Spicy new menu at Mango Tree

THE TROPICAL climate of Thailand and the vibrance of its culture are reflected in its richly flavored cuisine. A certain over-the-top quality that is well-appreciated was tasted late last month in the new menu offerings by Thai restaurant Mango Tree in Bonifacio Global City.