Powell pushes back on negative rates

WASHINGTON — US Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell on Wednesday pushed back against a favorite talking point of President Donald Trump’s, telling Congress that the negative interest rates sought by Trump aren’t appropriate for a US economy with ongoing growth, a strong labor market and steady inflation.

Easing slowdown seen pushing yields up

THIS YEAR’S flood of monetary easing is slowing to a trickle as the world’s central banks judge they’ve done enough to avoid a recession, giving investors cause to think sovereign bond yields have finally bottomed.

US growth sustainable: Powell

DENVER — Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell on Tuesday flagged openness to further rate cuts to fend off global economic risks, repeating that the central bank will act “as appropriate” amid an economy that he said is likely to continue to expand.

Fed shuns negative rates, looks to other tools to boost economy

FEDERAL RESERVE Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues are loath to follow Europe and Japan into negative interest rate territory — no matter what President Donald Trump might want or how bad the US economy might get.

Powell seen using Jackson Hole to suggest fresh cut

FEDERAL RESERVE Chairman Jerome Powell will have no lack of material to choose from when he kicks off the central bank’s annual Jackson Hole symposium Friday with a speech on the challenges for monetary policy.

Fed leaning toward a quarter-point July interest rate cut led by...

FEDERAL RESERVE Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues look primed to cut interest rates by a quarter percentage point later this month, eschewing a bigger move in what would be their first reduction in borrowing costs in more than a decade.

Fed chief Powell’s policy signals get lost in translation

THERE’S WHAT you think you said. There’s what you actually said. And perhaps most importantly for the steward of the world’s largest economy, there’s what people heard.

Fed chief takes stage under Trump’s critical gaze

Washington, United States -- President Donald Trump's renewed criticism of the Federal Reserve's handling of the economy mean politics may overshadow highly anticipated comments...

Fed’s Powell to keep hiking as US growth overshadows Turkey turmoil

Don’t count on a Powell Pause. That’s the message seasoned watchers of the Federal Reserve have for any investors hoping that turmoil in Turkey and...

Fed minutes may offer clues on rate-hike limits testing Powell

A discussion about how high US interest rates should go in this tightening cycle could feature prominently in the release of minutes later this...

‘Strong’ case for further rate hikes: Fed’s Powell

WASHINGTON — Historically low unemployment and signs of rising inflation mean there is a “strong” case for continued, steady interest rate hikes, US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Wednesday.

US Federal Reserve raises key interest rate to 1.75-2%

Washington -- The US Federal Reserve raised the benchmark lending rate on Wednesday, the second increase of the year, and signaled two more hikes...

Fed favors gradual rate approach — US central bank chief

Chicago, United States -- Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Friday used his first speech as central bank chief to offer a rosy view...

Fed seen sticking with three 2018 rate hikes, may hint at...

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and his colleagues will end up raising interest rates four times this year, but are unlikely to signal that...

PSEi falls after Fed chair signals more rate hikes ahead

Local equities dropped on Wednesday, Feb. 28, in light of hawkish comments from the United States Federal Reserve, indicating more than three rate hikes...

Yellen’s bequest: a healthy economy and questions over Fed’s future policy

WASHINGTON -- US Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell will inherit healthy economic growth and a consensus on monetary policy at least for the next...

Powell to lead Fed amid economy rife with risks

JEROME POWELL, said to be President Donald Trump’s pick to be the next Federal Reserve chairman, is set to take the reins of the...