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People first in the age of automation

The past couple of years demonstrated rapid growth in Robotics Process Automation (RPA), which continues to be a strategic priority for many organizations. Research published in December by Gartner showed that RPA adoption grew by 60% from 2018. It also predicted that in 2024, automation combined with redesigned operational processes will reduce 30% of an organization’s operational costs, making it even more enticing for industrial enterprises. With such momentum, RPA is revolutionizing business operations, including those of industry leaders, which has led to an automation-first mindset across all industries. In the face of RPA implementation, more organizations are finding ways to adapt quickly to the increasingly competitive business environment.

How RPA aids in E2E Business Process Management

A powerful tool, a game-changing technology. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) has been a buzz word for years now. By definition, it’s a software robot that does what a user tells it to do – autonomously performing activities the same way a human user would on a machine. It is frequently used for manual, predictable and repetitive tasks to allow a more productive use of the process owner’s time. Its adoption has allowed companies to gain significant improvements in their operational metrics such as increased speed, quality, and functionality.