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IBM leads in quantum computing, Ford in driverless car patents

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, quantum computers and autonomous vehicles are among the fastest growing areas of technology, with American companies often in the lead, according to a new study of US patents issued over the past five years.

P-TECH, Open P-TECH, SkillsBuild equip workforce for new collar jobs

By: Patricia Mirasol Slug: IBM equips the global workforce for ‘new collar jobs,’ or jobs that require specialized skills but don’t necessarily require traditional four-year...

Women leaders shaping AI honored by IBM

At their recent Think Digital conference, IBM unveiled its list of Women Leaders in AI, recognizing 35 exceptional female business leaders who are using artificial intelligence to drive transformation, growth, and innovation across industries.

The opportunity to make this digital era inclusive

Anybody can succeed given the right environment. IBM Executive Chairman Ginni Rometty and philanthropist and Black-Eyed Peas founder will.i.am discuss the opportunity of making this digital era into an inclusive one.

This pandemic is posing an array of cybersecurity challenges

The Covid-19 outbreak is having a significant impact on cybersecurity. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of the pandemic to lure businesses and individuals through spam campaigns, phishing emails, and the like.

IBM, U.S. White House collaborate on COVID-19 computing consortium

IBM, in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Energy and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, brings supercomputers into the global fight against the coronavirus pandemic with the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium.

IBM Works with the Medical Community to Help Fight the Latest...

IBM provides its Electronic Data Capture SaaS solution, IBM Clinical Development, free of charge to assist clinical development in the battle against Covid-19.

How IBM leverages latest tech for good

With IBM’s “smart for good” thrust, the tech giant has developed a three-pronged suite of programs called Good Tech IBM, benefitting not only IBMers and their clients, but—they hope—the world at large.

IBM pilots its P-TECH program, prepping Filipino students for the future...

Under the P-TECH program, all students graduate with a high school diploma plus an associate degree in computer technology, preparing them for the future of “new collar jobs”.

IBM launches new partnerships, innovations to better scale AI on the...

The innovations announced today are designed to help organizations overcome the barriers to AI. From detecting ‘drift’ in AI models to recognizing nuances in the human voice, these new capabilities can be run across any cloud via IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data platform to begin easily connecting their vast data stores to AI.

IBM, Red Hat accelerate clients’ innovation and growth through cloud-native software

IBM announced at its recently concluded Think Singapore 2019 conference that it has transformed its software portfolio to be cloud-native, enabling clients to take...

Over half of organizations with cybersecurity strategies fail to test them

Last month, IBM Security announced the results of a global study exploring organizations preparedness when it comes to withstanding and recovering from a cyberattack....

Seven ways to AI-power your business

Artificial intelligence solutions for your corporate challenges

Five ways to advance women leadership in the workplace

IBM Institute for Business Value shares ways to properly promote gender equality

With Watson Anywhere, IBM wants to democratize artificial intelligence

According to a recent PwC study, AI adoption is poised to inject a potential $16 trillion to the global economy over the next decade....

Five scientific breakthroughs that will change the near future of food

IBM’s 5-in-5 predicts what’s next in food safety and security.

New IBM mentorship program readies students for a tech-powered future

Bridging the local skill gap with new mentorship program.

Seven ways businesses are cloud-powering their workflows

Cloud tech is now becoming vital to any modern firm. Here’s how.

Four signs you need to get your startup on the Blockchain

IBM’s Marie Wieck explains what makes businesses thrive on the ledger.

Beyond Bitcoin: How Blockchain is reinventing global businesses

Lift the crypto-veil and understand what Blockchain can do for you.

From tellers to coffee shops — how new tech is changing...

IBM expert weighs in on banking’s new tech and new competitors.

Five things you need to know about securing your data

Industry experts explain how to build a personal data strategy.

Today’s online marketplaces might just be tomorrow’s banks, expert says

Platform companies and online marketplaces are the biggest competition faced by banks today, an industry expert from IBM said. If they plan on surviving, players need to look beyond banking to keep profits afloat.

Platform firms, online marketplaces biggest competition faced by lenders

PLATFORM COMPANIES and online marketplaces are the biggest competition faced by banks, an industry expert from IBM said, noting players need to look beyond banking to keep profits afloat.

Beyond Bitcoin: Global companies showcase business potential of blockchain technology

By Santiago J. Arnaiz Multimedia Producer SINGAPORE -- Of all the buzzwords saturating the tech industry today, perhaps no other budding system is as veiled as...

IBM sees AI changing, not eliminating, future jobs

IN IBM Chief Executive Officer Ginni Rometty’s vision of the near future, all businesses will need artificial intelligence (AI) to succeed, but software and...

IBM revamps network unit around Watson AI

INTERNATIONAL Business Machines Corp. (IBM) is revamping its Global Technology Services division, which helps customers run their computer networks, to rely more heavily on...