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Fast fashion proves slow in eliminating UK labor concerns

In 2015, university professor Nik Hammer studied working conditions in the local garment industry of Leicester, England, finding it rife with verbal abuse, harassment, and safety violations.

Fashion conscious

FASHION shows our desires and our means to achieve them through carefully selected items. In turn it also begins to see our values and how we seek to live them. In an exhibit called Fashion Revolution at the Metropolitan Museum of Manila, we are given alternatives on how to live more sustainably through the clothes that we interact in and interact with.

The 29-year-old who rocked Facebook has big data plans for H&M

FASHION retailer Hennes & Mauritz AB wants to get a better sense of what makes its customers tick. To help it, the Swedish company just hired a man best known for revealing a data privacy scandal that rocked Facebook Inc. and raised serious questions around how some corners of technology are shaping human existence.

More misery: H&M now faces online taunts after delivery system falters

HENNES & MAURITZ AB has another headache: not being able to deliver online goods as fast as it wants. The struggling Swedish fashion retailer is...

The last of the H&M concepts, Beauty, arrives

BACK IN 2015, Swedish fashion retailer H&M threw its US market in a tizzy after launching what came to be known as H&M Beauty,...

Good quality for its price point

NOW THAT H&M Beauty has landed in Manila, this writer -- like numerous other beauty enthusiasts -- was looking forward to trying out some...

H&M shows cost discipline as retailer adapts to digital era

COST-CONTROL is the new watchword at Hennes & Mauritz AB (H&M) as the European fashion giant seeks to compensate for slowing sales growth, rising...