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New museum focuses on the history of Binondo

MANY OF the first pharmacies, theaters, and department stores in the City of Manila were found in the district of Binondo. Founded in 1594, the city had a pivotal role in international trade and the place of the world’s first Chinatown in this role is the focus of a new museum.

A Mother’s Day history

On May 12, many different countries around the world, including the Philippines, will celebrate Mother’s Day, an annual occasion honoring one of the most...

Honoring those who died in the Battle of Manila

APPROACHING the close of World War II, Japanese and American armed forces clashed in the Battle of Manila which lasted throughout the month of February in 1945. By the time it was all over on March 3, the once beautiful city of Manila was battered, its buildings lay in ruins, and over 100,000 civilians lay dead.

Remembering the Battle of Manila

FORT SANTIAGO was the “epicenter of evil” where “the Japanese used starvation as a weapon.” American mining engineer Frank Bacon recalled having only two bowel movements in 25 days; Chinese prisoner Ko King Hun dropped to 68 pounds from 118 in two months, to the point that he could wrap his thumb and index finger around his leg. People were starving in the city of Manila as World War II raged.

A night of commemoration

MANILA TRANSITIO 1945 is an event that commemorates a city lost and thousands of lives sacrificed during the Battle of Manila in 1945, collateral damage in a war not of her own making.

Riding through history

At 10 a.m. on a Saturday, the festive sound of drums joined in with the clatter of the approaching train at the LRT-1 Central station. Eleven teams of four members — made up of an LRT-1 driver, an LRT-1 teller, a blogger, and a reporter — hurriedly lined up at the ticketing booth to load their Beep cards, catch the next train, and explore specific cultural and historical landmarks on a list. All were determined to arrive first at the finish line — and in the process, the teams explored Manila, despite the continuous rains.

Ideas and historical possibilities according to non-historians

TO understand history and its relationship with the present, one must go beyond knowing the names, dates, places, and the chronology of events. One has to look deeper, into the forces and ideas of each period and study their consequences — intended or not.

Learn about Philippine architecture with iMake History Fortress

Students recreate old Intramuros with LEGOs.

History meets art

Photos by Michelle Anne P. Soliman and Alicia A. Herrera The first Manila Biennale -- which has the theme “Open City,” referencing the events of...

The history of objects is what is important

THE PICKERS know what they’re doing: they go to America’s back roads and pick through junk in the hopes of finding treasure. The television...

Pawn Star’s Corey talks about the family business

VIEWERS OF Pawn Stars – the high-stakes pawnshop reality TV show on the History channel – would be familiar with Corey Harrison, the son...

Running at the Bataan Death March

WHILE some horrible history must arguably be buried and forgotten, some ought to be remembered, especially if it made the nation ultimately stronger and...

Malolos, Bulacan festival: remembering history

LONG BEFORE other nations in Asia and Africa became republics, we first became the Republic of the Philippines on Jan. 23, 1899. It follows...

The movie and historical accuracy

THE FILM HENERAL LUNA, which has received much praise from critics and audience members, is notable for its commitment to producing a historically accurate...