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History on a plate

OF ALL the facets of culture and history — think language, clothing, art — food is usually relegated to the sidelines. “It’s always going to be there,” we say to ourselves while it disappears from our tables, replaced by global selections that are easy to prepare, easy to eat, and are easily forgotten. Food does not deserve this position, for it is the fuel that forged revolutions, gave sustenance to communities, and, today, continues to build the nation.

Oriental Mindoro eyes cultural heritage, agri-tourism as draws

IT WAS a few minutes past 7 p.m. when spectators gathered to watch young Pandanggo sa Ilaw dancers performing in the streets of Calapan, Oriental Mindoro at the 2019 Pandang Gitab (Festival of Lights) on April 27.

Walks, talks and music: FEU’s cultural cornucopia

LAST WEEK, in a span of three days, the Philippines experienced strong earthquakes that had everyone shaking in fear, from the possibility of another quake or aftershocks. The earthquakes affected all three major island groups of the country.

Exploring a heritage cuisine

While some people may be surprised by the wealth of rich heritage food that can be found just one hour away from Manila in the province of Cavite, it should not really come as a surprise since Cavite was part of the galleon trade where goods and spices were exchanged between Spain and China via the Philippines and Mexico.

From rust to art

COLLECTED FROM the ongoing restoration of the San Sebastian Basilica in Manila, the flaked-off rust from the famed all-metal church is turned to something...

Puma accused of defacing Indian heritage for shoe commercial

NEW DELHI — Global sportswear giant Puma was accused Tuesday of irreversibly damaging 17th-century architecture in Delhi’s historic quarter as part of an advertising...

Thieves target historic Portuguese decorative tiles

LISBON – Gaping holes on the crumbling walls of an abandoned palace in the heart of Lisbon mark where decorative ceramic tiles have been...

Earthquakes and heritage

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman ALL the electric and mobile connections are down while the tension remains high. Everywhere you look is chaos: buildings...

Repairing San Sebastian from the inside out

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman, Reporter DESPITE ITS AGE, San Sebastian Church is more than strong enough to withstand the Big One — the...

Baybay: beach, heritage and adventure

FOR THE TYPICAL Filipino traveler, the beach would always be on top of the list of desired destinations. And as an archipelago of over...