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Davao hog raisers assure enough pork, ham supply for Christmas season

A GROUP of hog raisers in Davao City called on Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio to maintain her order temporarily banning the entry of live pigs and pork products amid the African Swine Fever (ASF) outbreak in parts of Luzon, giving assurance that there is enough local supply, including ham for the Christmas celebrations.

The art of cutting jamón

IN EVERY bit of product that comes out of a country, a bit of the country’s soul is in there, and where there is soul, there is art. Spain’s jamón (ham) contains the nation’s animal, fungi, and weather conditions, and for these to be expressed, it needs an artist — the maestro cortador.

What makes Iberico ham different

JAMON iberico, made from the Spanish native Iberico pig, is one of Spain’s most beloved exports. At its best, it’s a whole leg with a black hoof, a telltale sign that you’re eating a cured ham from the pampered Black Iberico pig.

Merry and yummy meals

While the Christmas season abounds with gifts, it is also outpouring with feasts awaiting to reach our palettes and satisfy our hungers. An occasion...

Holidays without ham?

Bacon is bad. And so is ham, beef jerky, and all other kinds of processed meat. So said a report by the International Agency for Research...