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How to reach more consumers by building a solid an online...

A recent study revealed that 60 percent of consumers use emotional language to describe products or brands they love–the same vocabulary used for family and friends. So how do you build that kind of authentic relationship with customers? By creating relatable content.

How to choose a brand name that’ll last

Naming a business may be a daunting task, but entrepreneurs, make no mistake—your brand name can be as important as the quality of the...

Small businesses take over their owners’ lives. Here’s why.

Running a business can be a satisfying activity, but a challenging one. A recent survey conducted by GoDaddy and One Poll in the U.S....

Small businesses as vulnerable to website hacks as big companies

GoDaddy experts explain the “small business website security paradox.”

Five ways to boost your online food business

Cloud platform GoDaddy suggests ways to digitize your food biz.