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Higher expenses weigh down FEU net earnings

FAR Eastern University, Inc. (FEU) posted slightly lower earnings at P460.98 million in the second quarter on the back of higher expenses and a slow growth in revenues.

FEU swings to profit in first quarter

FAR EASTERN University, Inc. (FEU) has returned to profitability in the first quarter of its fiscal year, driven by the higher volume of enrollees and revenues from a property sale of one of its subsidiaries.

FEU raises its stake in Edustria

FAR EASTERN University, Inc. (FEU) is increasing its stake in Edustria, Inc. through a P153-million investment.

Walks, talks and music: FEU’s cultural cornucopia

LAST WEEK, in a span of three days, the Philippines experienced strong earthquakes that had everyone shaking in fear, from the possibility of another quake or aftershocks. The earthquakes affected all three major island groups of the country.

FEU, T.I.P. to create joint venture firm

FAR EASTERN University, Inc. (FEU) and Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) are forming a new company to run a senior high school that will prepare students for work at industrial parks.

Far Eastern University profits jump 81% in 2nd quarter

FAR Eastern University, Inc. (FEU) reported an 81% rise in attributable net income to P462.631 million in the second quarter ending Nov. 30, due to a surge in college freshman enrolees.