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How the Lopez-owned Benpres building sparked an entrepreneurial spirit

WHILE the Lopez family can be construed as just another of the 40 families or so that form the nation's elite, the story of the country flows well in their veins, and at the same time, their story imprints on ours. The various Lopez holdings in land, energy, and media, summarized in the Lopez Group of Companies (that includes media conglomerate ABS-CBN, the Rockwell Land developments, and energy companies under First Philippine Holdings Corp., among many, many others) shape the way we live lives in the city and its surrounding environs.

First Gen, EDC included in list of world’s 200 greenest companies

FIRST GEN Corp. and Energy Development Corp. (EDC) have been included in Carbon Clean 200, the list of the world’s top 200 biggest and greenest companies, the Lopez-led firms said on Monday.