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Picking up speed

When the Philippine government enacted the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion law (TRAIN) in 2018, the momentum that the country’s automotive sector effectively...

Revving up for a new generation in vehicle technology

It is an exciting time for the automotive industry. Great leaps in technology have allowed what was once science fiction to become reality, from...

Understanding today’s car buyers

While new technologies have been transforming automobiles in many ways, consumers are also shifting their preferences in purchasing cars. Cox Automotive released its latest Car...

Is security a concern in making the switch to electric vehicles?

High-voltage damage: How attackers exploit vulnerabilities through EV chargers.

Unioil Philippines adds electric vehicle charging stations despite low demand

UNIOIL Petroleum Philippines, Inc. has launched on Wednesday its second electric vehicle charging station at its outlet along the northbound side of EDSA in Guadalupe in the hopes that it will encourage more drivers to switch from their fuel-powered cars.

Charging away anxiety over electric vehicles

Filipinos are receptive to the idea of purchasing vehicles running on electricity, even more so than their Southeast Asian peers. That’s one of the...