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DTI pushes for looser virus curbs in capital

THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) wants looser movement restrictions in the capital region to enable more people to go to work, Trade Secretary Ramon M. Lopez said.

DTI explains guidelines for getting refunds for events canceled because of...

by Mariel Alison L. Aguinaldo Parties who made payments for events that were canceled or scaled down prior to community quarantine have the right to...

Philippine finance chief seeks to further reopen the economy

Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez III seeks to further loosen movement curbs in the capital region to reignite an economy facing its deepest slump...

WFH during the ECQ: Chocolatier Christian Valdes

WE as a species can live without chocolate — we simply refuse to live a life without it. Even at the height of wartime privation in the 1940s, governments somehow still deemed chocolate a necessity, and it was allowed in stores, even if the wartime bars were of lower quality. Chocolate found itself in soldier’s kits, to boost morale and to serve as emergency rations (those bars weren’t very good either, according to reports).

WFH during the ECQ: Kumu’s Roland Ros

LIVE streaming company Kumu Holdings has been responding to a surge in demand for entertainment and online community spaces since the start of the enhanced community quarantine.

Non-leisure businesses can operate under GCQ

NON-LEISURE businesses such as laundry services and hardware stores will be allowed to operate under the general community quarantine (GCQ), trade secretary Ramon M. Lopez said.

Areas outside ECQ should still close schools, prohibit mass gatherings

SCHOOLS should remain closed and mass gathering prohibited even in areas considered to be at low and moderate risk for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) said government. These areas will be placed under general community quarantine or GCQ, a more limited form of quarantine than the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) which has been imposed on the NCR and the rest of Luzon since March 15.

Five simple tips on transforming home spaces into productive workspaces

As the world shifts to the new normal of remote work, many professionals are struggling to carve out pockets of productivity in their homes. Manolo Guanzon, architect and founder of people-centered design studio HADO, shares five simple tips.

DTI extends rent grace period following extension of ECQ

THE Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) said the rent deferment grace period for commercial and residential tenants in force during the original enhanced...

IC relaxes identification requirements for insurers’ clients

THE INSURANCE Commission (IC) has relaxed the requirements for customer identification documents until June 30 amid the lockdown in various places due to the...

The show goes online

A virus outbreak and enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) have inspired more creativity than hindered it. While the audience is temporarily avoiding going to the...

Preserving the fabric of the Philippine economy

The President just extended the Luzon-wide quarantine to April 30. This is necessary to protect public health. Now, social and economic policies must accompany it to ensure its sustainability.

Life Blood of the Government amid the COVID-19 pandemic

These days, the future appears blurry due to COVID-19. We, in the Philippines, have not been spared from its ill-effects. With the enhanced community...

What lies ahead, what to do?

We’re going into the 4th week of the Luzon-wide lockdown, or officially known as the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), in a bid to “flatten the curve” by getting ahead of this lethal coronavirus which causes COVID-19 at the soonest possible time. As of Palm Sunday, the country had 3,246 confirmed cases, 64 recovered, 152 deaths. The ECQ or “Stay Home” strategy aims to deny the virus any chance of infecting us and infecting each other. That way, we ease the burdens of the health sector depleted by death and sidelined frontliners.

Electricity pricing under hysteria conditions

The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) which the government hoisted over the entire Luzon has resulted in large-scale business and economic losses. The overall impact on the 1st quarter GDP will be known in about two months from now, but the decline in electricity demand is known daily.