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Dog influencers take over Instagram after pandemic puppy boom

MOCHI has an eager smile, an enviable wardrobe, and some killer dance moves. He hangs out at the pool a lot and sometimes takes trips to local vineyards, all of which he documents for his 8,000 Instagram followers. He is also a dog, one of the many new canine users on the platform.

Canine couture cuts a dash in Italy’s fashion capital

MILAN, ITALY -- Elegant, tailored outfits are not reserved just for fashionistas in Italy -- couture for dogs is proving a hit with some...

Food, pets, sights, and a lot more

THREE of the most iconic structures in the world: Singapore’s Merlion, Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, and France’s The Louvre museum are now in...

Dog actors in Modess commercial

Ads & Ends — Nanette Franco-Diyco A new hire joined the creative department of a multinational ad agency straight from an extended vacation in Europe....