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Stream on, stream away: OTT in the time of COVID-19

Demand for content amid lockdown pushes creators to ‘think small’ by Mariel Alison L. Aguinaldo The list of players in the over-the-top (OTT) industry grows longer...

Disney UK ad pays homage to the Pinoy Christmas

DISNEY UK has launched a Christmas ad that not only has all the hallmarks of a tearjerker holiday ad, but also pays homage to the Filipino Christmas and diaspora while supporting the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Netflix growth slows in Q3

AFTER gaining 28 million new subscribers in the first half of 2020 alone, streaming giant Netflix’s growth slowed down in the third quarter (Q3) of the year after net paid subscribers for the quarter hit 2.2 million according to Spanish analytics service ComprarAcciones.com. Meanwhile Disney’s streaming service, Disney+, has reported that it had 60.5 million subscribers in August.

Disney’s Peter Pan, Aristocats get racism advisories

LOS ANGELES — Classic Disney animated movies Peter Pan, The Aristocats, and Dumbo have been given content advisory notices warning viewers that they contain outdated or stereotyped depictions of people of color.

Disney says it had to work with Chinese government on Mulan

WALT Disney Co. defended its cooperation with government entities accused of human-rights abuses in China’s Xinjiang region, saying the company had to work with the government in order to make films there.

Pixar film Soul is pulled from theaters for debut on Disney+

SOUL, a new animated picture from Walt Disney Co.’s Pixar studio, will bypass theaters and appear instead on the company’s Disney+ streaming service, the latest setback for cinemas desperate for new movies to show.

One day, thousands of job cuts: economic pain is deepening

Tens of thousands of job cuts announced by blue-chip companies in a 24-hour period are a warning sign for the world’s recovery and emerge just ahead of two key reports forecast to show limited progress in the US labor market.

Disney postpones Black Widow, extending big-movie drought

WALT DISNEY Co. postponed the release of Black Widow, the highly anticipated Marvel movie starring Scarlett Johansson, for another six months, in the latest setback for film studios and theaters.

Disney’s Mulan opens weak in China

LOS ANGELES — Walt Disney Co’s live-action remake of Mulan pulled in $23.2 million over the weekend at box offices in China, a slow start for the big-budget epic about a Chinese folk hero in its most important theatrical market.

Mulan, once a sure thing, becomes a problem for Disney

IT WAS supposed to be another $1 billion blockbuster for Walt Disney Co. — a live-action remake of a 1998 animated hit featuring an all-star Asian cast, breathtaking cinematography, and plenty of martial arts.

Disney ‘very pleased’ with Mulan, but doesn’t release numbers

WALT DISNEY Co. investors eager to hear early results from the company’s unusual online release of the new film Mulan will have to wait.

Hollywood’s lost summer is beginning to look like a lost year

HOLLYWOOD’S summer blockbuster season is a bust. And the rest of the year isn’t looking much better.

It’s not all fun and games for NBA at Disney complex

TORONTO — Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Park is billed as the “The Most Magical Place On Earth,” but National Basketball Association players arriving at the Florida resort on Wednesday to prepare for the restart of their COVID-19 season can expect something more dreary than fun.

Silver touts safety of Disney campus for games to resume

NEW YORK — With no entirely risk-free path to play, National Basketball Association Commissioner Adam Silver said he hopes the league can be a model for other industries to safely reopen when it resumes its season.

Disney pushes Mulan to August

LOS ANGELES — Walt Disney Co. postponed the debut of live-action movie Mulan until Aug. 21, the company said in a statement on Friday, a blow to theater operators who want blockbuster movies to draw audiences from their homes in the middle of a pandemic.

Disney’s take on young adult novel Artemis Fowl to debut on...

WALT Disney Co on Friday will release a film adaptation of popular young adult book series Artemis Fowl, one that its stars and director admit differs from the story written by Irish author Eoin Colfer.

Disney releases Frozen 2 on streaming early

PARENTS, get ready to hear a lot of singing.

Disney is dropping the Fox name from 20th Century Studios

WALT DISNEY CO. is removing the Fox name from future films 10 months after completing the $71-billion acquisition of the 20th Century Fox entertainment assets, dropping a brand closely tied to the Rupert Murdoch media empire.

Netflix bets on anime to battle Disney, Apple in streaming wars

AS NETFLIX INC. prepares for a bruising battle against the Walt Disney Co. and Apple Inc. for streaming subscribers, it’s playing a card that may deliver enough of an edge to fend them off in Asia: Japanese anime.

Disney bans Netflix ads from some networks

WALT DISNEY CO. is stepping up its fight with Netflix Inc. as the two companies prepare to compete for streaming customers, but it’s not a total war yet.

Disney delays Avatar 2, sets dates for new Star Wars films

LOS ANGELES — Walt Disney Co. on Tuesday pushed back the release of James Cameron’s sequel to box-office champion Avatar by a year, to December 2021, and announced debut dates for new Star Wars films starting in December 2022.

Superheroes and a king may set movie records for Disney

LOS ANGELES — The final chapter in a decade-long superhero saga and the remake of a big-screen classic could topple box-office records during a summer movie season expected to be dominated by Walt Disney Co.

Hollywood’s guessing game: Which Disney movie will top 2019?

BETWEEN high-priced coffees and sushi, movie executives meeting in Las Vegas last week had one heated argument: Which Disney film will be the year’s top blockbuster?

Dumbo reviews suggest live-action remakes don’t always fly

DUMBO, a live-action remake of Walt Disney Co.’s 1941 animated classic, hit theaters Friday, but many reviewers declared the film a snoozer even before it opened.

Bring a hankie — heartwarming Dumbo movie may also bring tears

LONDON — Bring a hankie to the new movie version of Disney’s flying elephant tale Dumbo because it may be a little dark for some people.

Streaming costs pile up as media giants try to be like...

MEDIA giants are realizing what Netflix, Inc. already knows: Streaming is expensive.

Disney on Ice

DISNEY On Ice presents Mickey’s Super Celebration will run from Dec. 25 to Jan. 6 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

Disney sued for derailing Fox theme park at Malaysian casino

WALT DISNEY Co. and 21st Century Fox Inc. were sued by the owner of Malaysia’s only casino resort for pulling out of an agreement to sponsor a Fox World theme park outside Kuala Lumpur.

Celebratory collaboration

WORLD BALANCE and The Walt Disney Company Philippines have collaborated on a limited-edition collection of products to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary and highlight the Filipino brand’s world-class potential.

Mickey Mouse, the icon of an animation empire, celebrates 90th birthday

NEW YORK — It was the Roaring ’20s. Calvin Coolidge was in the White House, the New York Yankees had just won their third World Series title, and Mickey Mouse made his debut on the silver screen.

Vintage Mickey Mouse posters to fetch thousands at auction

LONDON — Seven rare vintage posters of Mickey Mouse are expected to fetch thousands of dollars at an auction that coincides with the 90th anniversary of the cartoon character’s first film appearance.

Ayala’s Christmas light show gets Disneyfied

IT’S TIME once again to brave the heavy traffic of the Metro and watch the annual Festival of Lights at the Ayala Triangle Gardens, now on its 10th year. This year’s lights show will be accompanied by the music from the Walt Disney Co. in a show titled Reimagine The Magic: A Festival of Lights.

Fox’s Freddie Mercury biopic is champion over Disney’s Nutcracker

A BIOPIC about rock ’n’ roll front man Freddie Mercury and the band Queen led the North American box office this weekend, scoring a rare win over a new Walt Disney Co. fairy tale that would normally be expected to dominate the competition.

Disney to release live-action Aladdin remake next May

LONDON — The street rat is back — and this time in the flesh.

SM celebrates Mickey Mouse at 90

As a child, one is introduced to the happy-looking character with huge round ears who wears white gloves, a pair of red shorts, and yellow shoes (that seemed too big for him) through television shows, toys we played with, or wearing shirts with a print of his face on them.

Star Wars fans applaud movie release slowdown

NEW YORK — Plans by Disney to slow-down the release of future Star Wars projects are getting a thumbs up from fans, who also hope that new movies in the multi-billion dollar sci-fi franchise will be more creative.

Disney, SM reap fruits of partnership

NEARLY 5,000 Disney-branded products are sold every hour in SM shopping malls throughout the country, according to officials of The Walt Disney Company (Philippines), Inc. and SM Lifestyle and Entertainment, Inc.

Disney invests in bear market with Christopher Robin

LOS ANGELES -- “Sometimes the smallest things take the most room in your heart,” a wise little bear once remarked -- and Jim Cummings has put his heart and soul into playing Winnie the Pooh for three decades.

Marvel, Netflix, Disney will show sneak peeks at AsiaPOP Comicon

FOR IT’S third year, AsiaPOP Comicon Manila (APCC) 2018 is bringing three content showcases from Marvel, Netflix, and Disney, promising exclusive sneak peeks of future projects alongside the presence of some of the shows’ biggest stars at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City from July 27 to 29.

Disney to put live Overwatch eSports matches on TV

SAN FRANCISCO — Fans of the Overwatch video game will soon be able to watch competitions on television under a deal announced Wednesday by Activision Blizzard and Walt Disney Co. Disney and its ESPN channels will be exclusive partners for broadcasting Overwatch matches on television in the US, in the “most significant commitment” they have made to video games as spectator sport, Activision Blizzard eSports league chief Pete Vlastelica told AFP.

How Mickey Mouse and friends conquered China

By Adam Minter, Bloomberg View TWO YEARS AGO, Wang Jianlin, once China’s richest man, referred to his network of theme parks as a “wolf pack”...

Netflix-loving tykes tune out Nick in worst year for kids TV

KIDS LIKE Caleb Moushey are killing cable TV in the US. Not that Caleb knows from cable. After all, he’s seven years old. But Caleb...

Disney creates streaming video unit for digital future

LOS ANGELES — Walt Disney Co. said on Wednesday it had created a new unit for its streaming video and international businesses as the...

Black Panther tops A Wrinkle in Time as Disney dominates at...

LOS ANGELES — Black Panther kept up its record-setting ways in North American theaters over the weekend, easily defeating a challenge from another Disney...