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Dennis Uy says Duterte’s lesson taught him to toughen up

PHILIPPINE tycoon Dennis A. Uy has built an empire spanning oil, shipping, casinos and telecommunications, but eight years ago his oil-trading business was in trouble over government allegations of fuel smuggling.

Dennis A. Uy no longer pursuing backdoor listing of Udenna Corp.

LISTED ISM Communications Corp. is changing its name to Dito CME Holdings Corp. as it seeks to buy Dennis A. Uy’s Udenna Communications Media and Entertainment Holdings Corp.

Dennis Uy gobbles up Wendy’s Philippines

DAVAO-BASED businessman Dennis A. Uy continued to expand his holding company Udenna Corp. as it snapped up all 51 Wendy’s restaurants in the Philippines.

LNG: The power to rise to a brighter future

NEVER HAS energy security been a more pressing issue than now, given our increasing energy demand to meet the upward trajectory of our developing economy. Sustainability, environmental impact, operational economics, and a clearer appreciation of the role of each energy source are what we need to take into consideration in the planning of our energy mix.

Uy firm gets original proponent status for Davao airport project

Uy firm gets original proponent status for Davao airport project

Uy named vice-chairman of Ongpin-led Atok-Big Wedge mining firm

ATOK-BIG Wedge, Co. Inc. has elected businessman Dennis A. Uy as its vice-chairman and independent director for the ensuing year.