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The death penalty’s legal, empirical and scientific hurdles

VARIOUS BILLS seeking to revive the death penalty in the Philippines are now pending in Congress, with the President’s apparent support. Before the inevitable impassioned debates ensue, it is good to look at the legal framework and some realities that the death penalty needs to contend with, if it is to be reinstituted in the country.

House may consider Duterte call to revive capital punishment

THE House of Representatives on Tuesday said it would consider President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s renewed call to revive the death penalty for heinous crimes, including drug trafficking.

Death penalty faces tough Senate hurdle

PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte’s push to restore the death penalty for drug trafficking, plunder and other heinous crimes, might find it difficult to hurdle the Senate, according to a lawmaker who filed the bill.

Return of capital punishment to be prioritized

PRESIDENT Rodrigo R. Duterte will certify as urgent a bill seeking to restore the death penalty for drug trafficking, plunder and other heinous crimes, his spokesman said yesterday.

Death penalty top of neophyte senators’ agenda

THE REINSTITUTION of capital punishment for crimes involving illegal drugs and measures on local government concerns are among the priorities of four neophyte Senators for the incoming 18th Congress.

Analysts: Death penalty revival to bear on 2022 election chances

THE revival of capital punishment being pushed in the Duterte administration will have some bearing on the 2022 elections, analysts sought for comment said.

Palace: Death penalty up to Senate

MALACAÑANG on Friday said the reimposition of capital punishment is up to the Senate, following the Vatican’s move to declare death penalty as “inadmissible.”