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Summer cupcakes

JUST in time for summer, Andrew Café’s resident pastry chef Erna Canatoy has come up with the Sweet Summer Series, a collection of cupcakes in banana, strawberry, and carrot flavors with cream cheese topped with a drizzle of walnut brittle, a tangy slice of fresh strawberry, and a carrot candy made of butter cream.

Sisterly venture

The online baked goods business Bake Hub was started by two sisters, Cecile and Ciarra Gattoc, in 2012. Getting into business, and into that particular...

Pieces of cakes

By Erika Fortuno-Mioten Special Features Editorial Assistant Parties, most especially children’s parties, will never be complete without a cake. Nowadays, customized cakes are more preferred over...

Beautiful and tasty creations

By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino After completing her bachelor’s degree in international studies, Maria Roma Getueza engaged in retail management and in their family business....