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Power dressing

THE EPISTOLARY novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses, published in the 18th century, bore this warning from one of its main characters, the Marquise de Merteuil: “Older ladies must never be crossed: in their hands lie the reputations of the young ones.” In context, the Marquise was in the middle of plotting the downfall of a younger, naive rival.

Criselda Lontok: Style never dies

PARDON US as we make this observation — hair, jewels, waistlines, and net worths get bigger as the number of one’s age increases if one is to judge from Criselda Lontok’s fashion show for her 35th anniversary, held on Aug. 2 at The Peninsula Manila. We’re not trying to be impertinent; we’re trying to be reverent.

Criselda Lontok Spring-Summer looks

SEASON after season, Criselda Lontok’s fashion has been synonymous with elegance, with lace that softens bold cuts and strong colors.

Criselda’s blooms

STAYING TRUE to her trademark elegant and timeless designs, famed fashion designer Criselda Lontok launched her 2017 Holiday Collection, titled “Life in Bloom.” Much...