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A Taste of Creativity

What in the world is this nebulous construct called creativity, anyway? The mere mention of the buzzword can make even the most erudite tongue-tied. Vastly cited Italian behavioural scientist Paolo Legrenzi describes creativity as a justification of artistry. In his 2013 publication, Creativity and Innovation, he cites architect Vittorio Gregotti: “Every work of architecture seems to be justified by the term creativity, which by now is used to define every aesthetic act (diffused aesthetics has overwhelmed us) with which designers, advertisers, stylists, architects and many other professions justify their ‘artistry.’”

Pursuing greater heights

Obtaining a degree in higher education for Filipinos is highly important. According to reports, Filipinos, in comparison to the global average, strongly believe in...

Securing a sweet spot in the foodie’s world

By Mark Louis F. Ferrolino, Special Features Writer From a small stall, occupying only 25 square meters (sq.m.) in a food park located along Maginhawa Street...

Manulife weds creativity and marketing

Ads & Ends Nanette Franco-Diyco THERE ARE three new Manulife ad films on Facebook and YouTube. Each involves and captivates the viewer in such different creative...