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Tough pots

IT’S always a toss-up in the kitchen between equipment and skill, and then nutritious or delicious, but with a new line by Tefal, you can finally get the balance of having both.

Here are the 8 Rules for making perfect salads

HISTORICALLY, salads have been the most disrespected of dishes. They’re an afterthought on the table, overshadowed by a grilled steak, a golden roast chicken, a big bowl of pasta. Even a platter of roasted vegetables outshines “rabbit food.”

Keeps kids busy this summer with Maya cooking classes

PARENTS looking for a fun, productive activity for this children over the school holidays can consider enrolling them in cooking classes. In The Maya Kitchen’s...

Healthy cooking class

RUSTAN’S and Nolisoli present Pursuits: Healthy Cooking Class featuring Bea Ledesma demonstrating some seasonal summer Keto recipes. The class will be held on April...

From Aetas to guerrillas: Learning old cooking techniques

THE MODERNITY of San Miguel’s techniques and products gave way last week to traditional roots as it prepared recipes ranging from those of the...

Favorite Things | A smorgasbord of delights

Nigella discovers the Philippines. INTERVIEW  JOHANNA D. POBLETE Nigella Lawson cannot be faulted for underappreciating food, Filipino cuisine included. A dedicated foodie — “It’s one of my...

Keeping the kids busy this summer

By Nickky Faustine P. de Guzman It is alarming that kids these days belong to “the most sedentary generation in history.” So said Sam Kass,...