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On life and love with Company

BEING in your 30s means finding a partner, settling down, and having children. Or so they say. The expectations for people this age what Company: A Musical Comedy — the first of three Stephen Sondheim musicals to be staged in Metro Manila this year — revolves around.

Moving on: How to leave your company the right way

Have you ever had days where you dragged yourself to work? Or have you looked at your pay slip and felt like you’re just...

Ending the year with music and laughter

THE YEAR is ending so what better time is there to reminisce than on Dec. 1 at the Theatre at Solaire Resort and Casino as vocal group The CompanY and comedian Jon Santos take the stage for a one-night only shindig celebrating four decades of golden music from the 1960s to the ’90s.

When the fake-news peddlers come for your company

By Kara Alaimo FAKE NEWS ON social media stymied the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. Now, businesses are wondering what they should do if they’re...