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Chicago mayor demands answers after Smollett hoax charges dropped

CHICAGO MAYOR Rahm Emanuel said on Wednesday he wanted to “find out what happened” to cause prosecutors to abruptly drop charges against Empire actor Jussie Smollett, who was accused of staging a hoax hate crime to boost his career.

Chicago museum outs Trump ‘Renoir’ as fake

CHICAGO – An American museum is casting doubt on President Donald Trump’s reported claim to possess an original Renoir – revealing to have owned...

Chicago is more popular with tourists than ever

By Nikki Ekstein Bloomberg CHICAGO, described by President Trump and others as a hellish, dystopian crime scene akin to a “war-torn nation” and “worse than Afghanistan”...

The Chicago Cheat Sheet

WHERE TO STAY • The Viceroy: A mix of Art Deco and mid-century flourishes -- with plenty of brass embellishment -- feels at home in...