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Deadly as a virus

As of this writing, there were about 4,600 reported cases of Novel Corona Virus worldwide, and with about 100 deaths attributed to it specifically in China, where it all started. The world is worried, perhaps even more worried than when SARS or MERS wrought havoc years back. Incidentally, all these deadly viral infections started to occur only in the last 20 years.


The Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is new and hence, no existing vaccine and treatment can fight and control it. As of noon, Jan. 29, some 132 people have died and 6,000+ people are ill.

China is perfectly prepared to fight the last virus

CHINA HAS a bigger and more sophisticated toolbox to combat any economic slowdown from the coronavirus than in 2003, when it battled the SARS pandemic. The challenge now is a worsening backdrop both domestically and abroad, and how both hamper the effectiveness of Beijing’s response.

Peso declines anew

THE PESO weakened on Wednesday as the dollar gained strength with investors opting for safer currencies amid heightened fears over the spread of the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, China around the world.

Stocks extend losing streak on coronavirus fears

LOCAL SHARES continued to slip on Wednesday as the novel coronavirus continue to kill and infect more people across the globe.

Japan offers to help Manila screen coronavirus strain

JAPAN has offered to help the Philippines screen a new strain of coronavirus that has killed more than a hundred in China and sickened thousands more, the Health department said on Wednesday.

Insurance industry’s premium income up as of Sept.

THE INSURANCE industry’s premium income picked up in the nine months to September 2019, driven by an increase in all premium types of variable life insurance products.

Japan warns about risks to economy from China virus outbreak

TOKYO -- Japanese Economy Minister Yasutoshi Nishimura warned on Tuesday that corporate profits and factory production might take a hit from the coronavirus outbreak in China that has rattled global markets and chilled confidence.

Shares decline further as investor concerns persist

PHILIPPINE SHARES continued their decline on Tuesday as investor concerns over the coronavirus outbreak from China persist.

Peso strengthens as oil prices decline amid China virus fears

THE PESO appreciated on Tuesday as oil prices went down amid worries related to the coronavirus’ spread and with investors going profit taking.

Quick visas stopped amid outbreak in China

THE Bureau of Immigration has stopped issuing Philippine visas on demand to Chinese tourists at the Manila airport amid an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus that has killed dozens in China.

Authorities refute social media post on nCov-infected Thai patient at SPMC

MEDICAL AUTHORITIES have quashed reports shared on social media about a supposed patient from Thailand infected with the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) who has been admitted at the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) in Davao City.

Gov’t makes full award of T-bills as rates drop on strong...

THE GOVERNMENT fully awarded the Treasury bills (T-bills) it offered on Monday as rates declined across-the-board amid strong demand.

China’s theaters, studios protest against deal to stream movie online for...

BEIJING/SHANGHAI — Chinese theaters and film studios are protesting a deal by Huanxi Media Group to premiere its new movie Lost in Russia on Bytedance’s online platforms, with some saying it was “trampling” and “destroying” China’s cinema industry.

Reconsidering citizen roles and state response

The first month of 2020 has given us much to consider. The current climate of unrest in the Middle East, the sudden eruption of Taal Volcano, and the emergence of the coronavirus strain from Wuhan, China has no doubt given us more than a little cause for pause. It has also brought to the fore the different roles that the Philippine State plays in responding to the needs of Filipinos in times of crisis, whether natural or manmade.

Peso weakens on fears over China virus

THE PESO continued to depreciate on Monday due to rising concerns on the spread of the new coronavirus from China.

Stocks end lower on worries over virus outbreak

THE MAIN INDEX ended lower on Monday due to sustained investor worries over the novel coronavirus from China.

11 patients under examination for coronavirus

HEALTH AUTHORITIES have examined 11 patients for potential coronavirus infection amid an outbreak of a new strain that has killed dozens in China.

PHL economic risks from China virus downplayed

BANGKO SENTRAL ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin E. Diokno downplayed economic risks that may arise from the continued spread of the novel coronavirus from Wuhan, saying the Philippines’ exposure to China is not that significant.

Bargain hunting to persist as blue chips decline

THE LOCAL BOURSE is seen to attract bargain hunters this week amid the decline in share prices of blue chips.

Peso may climb further on market optimism

THE PESO could strengthen this week amid optimism coming from the recently signed sin tax bill.

Filipinos in HK told to guard against coronavirus

THE PHILIPPINE Consulate General in Hong Kong has advised Filipinos there to take precautions after the Hong Kong government reported its first confirmed case of a new strain of coronavirus.

Airlines ordered to cancel PHL flights to and from Wuhan

THE Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) has ordered the suspension of all flights linking Wuhan, China and the Philippines to protect the country from the spread of the new flu-like virus.

Peso rises on positive growth prospects

THE PESO strengthened on Friday on the back of continued optimism on the country’s growth prospects and as oil prices fell.

Local shares end flat as China virus fears persist

LOCAL shares ended flat on Friday anud heightened worries across the globe over China’s coronavirus outbreak.

Peso drops on China virus fears

THE PESO WEAKENED on Thursday as investors opted to buy more dollars amid heightened fears of the potential economic impact of the spread of a coronavirus from Wuhan, China.

Cebu Pacific Hong Kong flight told to see doctor

CEBU PACIFIC on Thursday urged passengers of a Hong Kong-Manila flight on Wednesday to seek medical help if they experience flu-like symptoms, amid a coronavirus outbreak in China.

Flight attendant with Wuhan travel discharged from hospital but under monitoring

THE 24-year old flight attendant who was unwell and had a cough following travel in Wuhan, China, the ground zero of the novel coronavirus or 2019-nCoV, has been discharged from hospital but will continue to be monitored, according to the Aklan Provincial Health Office (PHO).

Boxing qualifiers set for Wuhan, China canceled over health fears

TOKYO -- Qualifying boxing matches for Asia and Oceania for the 2020 Olympic Games that were set to take place in China’s Wuhan next month have been canceled due to fears over the new flu-like coronavirus, Japan’s Kyodo news agency said on Wednesday.

Shares end flat ahead of economic growth data

LOCAL SHARES ended flat on Wednesday as investors decided to wait it out until the release of the gross domestic product (GDP) data for the fourth quarter of 2019 on Thursday.

Peso rebounds on profit taking ahead of GDP data

THE PESO rebounded on Wednesday after five straight days of depreciation as the market went profit taking a day before the release of data on the country’s growth for the fourth quarter.

Senators seek state response to coronavirus

SENATORS on Wednesday asked the Health department and other agencies to draft an emergency plan after a Chinese boy tested positive for coronavirus, days after Japan and Thailand confirmed their first case of infection from a new strain that originated in Wuhan, China.

Boy in Cebu tests positive for coronavirus

A CHINESE boy traveling to Cebu City in central Philippines tested positive for coronavirus, days after Japan and Thailand confirmed their first case of infection from a new strain that originated in Wuhan, China, the Philippine Health department said on Tuesday.

3 Chinese quarantined from Kalibo airport already cleared

THE THREE Chinese nationals quarantined after showing signs of high body temperature upon arrival at the Kalibo International Airport in Aklan have all been cleared and released.

China’s viral immune system open to economic pox

HONG KONG — China’s political system has weak immunity to viruses. A bungled swine flu cover-up doubled pork prices last year. Now a mysterious outbreak of pneumonia is panicking citizens just days before the start of what’s usually a $150 billion spending boom: the lunar new year holiday. President Xi Jinping’s corruption purge may have made officials less venal, but not, apparently, more credible.

Coronavirus strain found in Japan

JAPAN has detected a new strain of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, days after Thailand confirmed its first case of infection, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

US senators see PH justice system differently from PH officials

US President Donald Trump’s approval of the Fiscal Year 2020 State and Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill which included a provision prohibiting the entry of Philippine government officials found to be involved in the “wrongful imprisonment” of Sen. Leila de Lima drew various comments from key Philippine officials. Here are some of them.