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VW pitches new models as ideal for Filipinos’ ‘motoring lifestyle’

A RECENT two-day road trip that visited culinary destinations and cultural sites in Central Luzon was one of the latest activities by which Volkswagen Philippines proposed its current range as the ideal “motoring lifestyle” vehicles for consumers.

Toyota Rush 1.5 G A/T: When is an SUV also an...

THE Toyota Innova having turned better appointed and correspondingly pricey meant Toyota Motor Philippines’ lineup could use a less expensive, smaller, seven-seat model. And this is exactly the slot now filled by the Toyota Rush which, unlike the Toyota Avanza (actually, the Rush is the new version of the Avanza), is ideally suited to be used by families rather than by businesses. Going by looks, too, it’s obvious the Rush aspires for SUV status while the Avanza is decidedly more taxicab-appropriate.

New Subaru Forester debuts in Asia Pacific: Crossover sport-ute set to...

HAVING made its world premiere at the New York International Auto Show on March 28, the new-generation Subaru Forester on Aug. 7 marked its arrival in Asia-Pacific markets via a launch program held in Taichung, Taiwan. The latest model will be sold in the Philippines in early 2019.

Prime mover: Toyota PHL bets growth on new-generation Vios

IN 2017 Toyota Motor sold more Vios subcompacts in the Philippines than in any other Southeast Asian market. Deliveries of the model during the period reached 36,733 examples in the country, topping those in Thailand by 23,026 units (Vios’s sales were disrupted there and resumed only in the last five months of the year) and 13,233 units more than those in Malaysia -- two economies where the Vios is as popular. Globally, only China -- the world’s biggest vehicle market -- bested the Philippines’ result with 92,242 units sold last year.

Volkswagen Lavida 230 TSi DSG Comfortline: Not excellent in any one...

VOLKSWAGEN in the Philippines is currently replacing some models sourced from Latin America and Europe with those made -- and in some cases found only -- in China. The China-built Volkswagens are more affordable as these do not incur hefty freight costs and duties. One such model recently introduced by the German car maker is the Lavida 230 TSI DSG which, by the looks of it, is supplanting the compact sedan spot in the local range occupied by the Jetta -- a global model. If so, the Lavida has big shoes to fill.

From now to eternity

POPE Gregory XIII’s calendar managed to not only approximate both the tropical year and sidereal year — the 365 days-plus-change that it takes the sun to return to the same position (after the seasons have passed) as seen from Earth, or for the Earth to complete a rotation around the sun, respectively — but also threw watchmakers a challenge, particularly those which intended to incorporate a calendar complication in their timepieces.

New Mazda CX-9 variant trades all-wheel drive for lower price

IT STILL seats seven in luxury, is propped up by a monocoque, and is propelled by the same engine. But the new Mazda CX-9 introduced locally on July 2 costs nearly P500,000 less than the variant it joins in the brand’s Philippine lineup.

ASIMO, this was your life

EVEN from a country that produced Godzilla and Mazinger Z, ASIMO was remarkable. For starters, this character was not fictional.

Bentley sets Pikes Peak SUV record

PIKES Peak. It’s the most famous venue for a hill climb race. Located in Colorado, it is marked by 156 corners and a finish line that sits more than a kilometer-and-a-half above sea level. Bentley’s new Bentayga -- the brand’s first sport-ute model -- on June 24 claimed the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb record for production SUVs.

Jaguar, Land Rover open first dealership with new PHL distributor

JAGUAR and Land Rover in November 2017 announced the appointment of Coventry Motors Corp. (CMC) as their new importer and distributor in the Philippines. On June 21 the first dealership in the country authorized by CMC to sell and service the British brands officially opened for business.

Mazda’s ‘quest to make the best ICE’

BESIDES presenting the prototype version of its SkyActiv-X gasoline engine (along with other systems being developed related to this) Mazda Motor Corp. on May 27, at its proving ground in Mine, Japan, also discussed launch schedules of what it said are its “next-generation technologies.”

New lineup of technologies indicates Mazda is reinventing the wheel

THAT automakers’ proving grounds are located in remote spots makes sense; this allows such places to sit on vast tracts of land, not to mention keeping them away from prying lenses. These are venues, after all, on which new models and technologies are tested before any of them get to showrooms.

Honda CR-V 2.0 S

THE Honda CR-V is sold in the Philippines in three variants fitted with small-displacement, diesel-fed engines. A fourth variant -- the 2.0 S -- relies on a gasoline mill. Among the litter it’s the 2.0 S that’s the cheapest. But this does not mean it isn’t as appealing as the diesel CR-Vs.

Volkswagen turns to Asia

VOLKSWAGEN’s 2013 return to the Philippines, under the automobile business of Ayala Corporation, relied heavily on the cheerful, nostalgia-filled vibe of the Beetle --...

Formula Vee, Herbie, World Rally: Volkswagen does motor sports

VOLKSWAGEN founded its motor sport division, originally called Formel V Europa e.V., in 1966, two years before Herbie surprised a fictional California racing scene...

Favorite Things | Of men and motorcycles

It’s all about freedom, power, and looking like a superhero. INTERVIEW  BRIAN M. AFUANG  |  PHOTOGRAPHY  KAI HUANG It’s a loosely guarded secret in the motorcycle community —...