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Only a quarter of UK firms ready for Brexit transition

Only one-quarter of business leaders say their organizations are fully ready for the end of the Brexit transition period, according to a survey by the Institute of Directors.

Britain to spend $890M on EU border infrastructure

LONDON — Britain will spend 705 million pounds ($890 million) on border infrastructure to help keep trade flowing after its transition deal with the European Union expires at the end of the year, Cabinet Secretary Michael Gove said on Sunday.

There’s nothing exceptional about any country

PUNDITS have recently proclaimed “the end” — or exposed “the myth” — of British exceptionalism. It’s hard for Brits to keep seeing themselves as uniquely heroic while bungling their response to a pandemic, fumbling through Brexit and literally boxing up statues of national idols to save them from being defaced.

Facing Brexit unknowns, UK financial sector pays near $100 billion in...

LONDON — Britain’s financial industry paid a record near $100 billion in taxes in the year to March, reaffirming its central role in funding the state at a time when its future prospects have been clouded by Brexit.

London retains global finance throne amid Brexit chaos

LONDON — From the pinnacle of the City of London’s largest skyscraper, Stuart Lipton is wagering a $1.2-billion bet that the British capital remains a master of the international financial universe no matter what happens with Brexit.

Great Brexit insurance sector migration shifts $75 billion from London

LONDON’S outsized role in the global insurance industry is being whittled down by Brexit.

High taxes seen to hasten bank moves from Britain after Brexit...

LONDON — Britain risks driving banks overseas if current high levels of taxation on the industry are maintained after Brexit, a bank lobby group said on Wednesday.

Central bankers on the move, but where’s the inflation?

LONDON -- Now the Bank of England (BoE) has raised interest rates for the first time in a decade, it is beyond doubt major...

British actor Firth gets dual Italian citizenship after Brexit vote

ROME – British actor Colin Firth, who has often played the role of a quintessential Englishman in his many films, has become an Italian...

Saving Cool Britannia image from Brexit bruise

LONDON — Brexit challenges Britain’s global image of openness and tolerance, but Cool Britannia has what it takes to avoid being suddenly rebranded as...

‘Brexit’ sends tourists flocking to London to ‘Buy, Buy, Buy’

By Andrew Roberts, Monami Yui and Sam Chambers BY VOTING to leave the European Union (EU), Britons have delivered a potential windfall to tourists eager to...