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Mariah, Rihanna file lawsuits

LOS ANGELES/NEW YORK — Singers Mariah Carey and Rihanna sang the blues as they filed lawsuits this week against a former assistant and father, respectively. Meanwhile, Beyonce has dropped a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Beyonce and Jay-Z help Paris Louvre museum to record number of...

PARIS — A music video by Beyonce and Jay-Z set in the Louvre helped boost visitor numbers to a record 10.2 million last year, the most for any museum in history, the Louvre said on Thursday.

Louvre sets up Beyonce and Jay-Z art tour

PARIS — The Louvre has dedicated a new art tour to Beyonce and Jay-Z after pop’s biggest power couple shot the video for their latest hit in the Paris museum.

Australian rockers end Jay-Z, Beyonce No. 1 debut streak

NEW YORK — Australian pop band 5 Seconds of Summer stunned Beyonce and Jay-Z by opening Sunday at the top of the US album chart, with the couple’s surprise collaboration ending the superstars’ streak of number one debuts.

Beyonce and Jay-Z celebrate marriage and blackness in surprise album

NEW YORK — Music’s most famous couple Beyonce and Jay-Z pulled a surprise by releasing a joint album, a long-rumored collaboration that celebrates their marital passion and black identity.

What we learned from Everything is Love

NEW YORK — Jay-Z and Beyonce late Saturday released Everything is Love, a surprise album after years of speculation that they were working on a joint project.

Beyonce, Kanye West’s streaming stats ‘manipulated’ on Tidal — report

OSLO — Streaming numbers of Beyonce and Kanye West’s respective albums on rap mogul Jay Z’s music platform Tidal have been manipulated, allowing the...

Beyonce throws Coachella homecoming with Destiny’s Child reunion

INDIO, UNITED STATES — Beyonce returned spectacularly to the stage Saturday with a joyous, homecoming-themed party at the Coachella festival where she delighted fans...

Jay-Z ‘confesses’ to Beyoncé in music video

LOS ANGELES — Jay-Z released a music video on Friday that features the rapper addressing the pain of infidelity as he appears in a...

Beyonce charity song dethrones ‘Despacito’

NEW YORK – Beyonce’s Spanish-language remix of “Mi Gente” for hurricane relief opened Wednesday on top of the US Latin song chart, finally dethroning...