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Keeping the bloom of youth

OUR FACES show the passage of time, in the same way sweeping hands on a clock’s face do. A frequent criticism of the youth is their lack of experience, and this may be because the world has hardly marked their pure, unmarked faces.

Sunscreen made especially for Asian skin

SUMMER has officially begun in the Philippines and together with the hotter (and humid) temperatures (and water shortages), protecting one’s skin from the sun is really important, that’s why American skincare brand Kiehl’s has come out with two new items expanding its suncare line, with one made especially for Asian skin.

Store warns shoppers of edited images touting beauty products

NEW YORK -- CVS Pharmacy unveiled an initiative in US stores on Thursday, labeling photos of models in its beauty aisles to make it clear whether the images had been digitally altered.

Put down the contour, pick up the blush

‘It’s all about the glow, not the glitter.’

Restarting your body, resetting your metabolism

Benefits of stem cell therapy include better organ function, better metabolism, and less muscular and joint pains.

Four products to start the new year looking pretty

By Zsarlene B. Chua Reporter IN KEEPING with the “New Year, New Me” cliché, this writer decided to dedicate the entire month of January to trying...

Funny face

HERE is an easy and wacky way to reduce wrinkles and double chin: puff your cheeks several times or pout your lips and kiss...

Beauty booms: Online beauty sector expands with entry of new players

By Zsarlene B. Chua, Reporter February was quite a busy month for online beauty as two international stores set up shop in the Philippines —...

The next big thing in Korean beauty: muscles

SEOUL — Looks no longer center only on the face in beauty-obsessed South Korea, where more women are hitting the gym to improve muscle...