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Bank of England joins debate on financial system rules amid UK-EU...

TWO TOP Bank of England (BoE) officials suggested that the United Kingdom (UK) financial system’s rules may have to diverge from the European Union’s (EU) after Brexit — a topic that’s becoming as a major point of contention between the two sides.

UK financial watchdog to hone data crunching to spot problems easier

LONDON — Britain’s financial regulators said on Tuesday they will transform their data crunching capabilities over the coming decade to spot problems in banks and markets earlier.

Bank of England seeks investigation into hacked audio feed of briefings

THE BANK of England (BoE) asked regulators to investigate how an audio broadcast of some of its press conferences was misused to potentially give traders an unfair advantage.

Bank of England tweaks capital rules to give banks £500-B loan...

LONDON — The Bank of England (BoE) said on Monday it planned to adjust the rules on how much capital British banks must hold, to allow them to keep lending in an economic crisis.

BoE can fight new slowdown — Carney

BOSTON — The Bank of England (BoE) would probably take measures to stimulate bank lending in the event of a fresh downturn in the economy, and government fiscal policy could also play a role, BoE Governor Mark Carney said on Wednesday.

BoE eyes reform to make investment more attractive

LONDON — More realistic curbs on investors wanting to pull cash from funds could make investing in infrastructure more attractive and bolster economic growth, a senior Bank of England (BoE) official said on Monday.

Bank of England starts euro lending facility to help cushion Brexit...

THE BANK OF England (BoE) is launching a new liquidity facility in euros in the final few weeks before the scheduled date for Britain to leave the European Union.

Banks’ push for Libor substitute gains pace on new Sonia

TARRED by a fixing scandal that struck at the height of the financial crisis, bankers and investors for years have been grappling with finding...

Central bankers on the move, but where’s the inflation?

LONDON -- Now the Bank of England (BoE) has raised interest rates for the first time in a decade, it is beyond doubt major...